With a few scraps of metal and some simple hand tools, any Glock can be converted to full automatic. The conversion design detailed in this book allows properly licensed individuals to transform a regular semiauto pistol into a weapon that delivers selective-fire operation without altering the major components of the gun such as the receiver or slide. Step-by-step instructions and technical illustrations of weapon functions in semi and full auto combined with high-quality photos showing the modified factory components and their proper relationships with the full-auto conversion parts allow the reader to clearly see and understand how the whole system works. Warning: Actual construction of the weapon described in this book may be illegal under federal, state and local laws. All BATF rules apply, and the BATF actively pursues and prosecutes anyone who violates federal gun statutes. Therefore, this book is for academic study only. 11 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus., 64 pp. Price: $16.00

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