How To Get The Best Results With Online Searching
An Expert Guide On Improving Your Hit Rate With Computer Searches
By Ralph D. Thomas

This new manual is specifically designed to provide you with powerful and practical information on how and when to run computer searches (and when not to run computer searches) for locating missing persons and conducting background investigations. You'll gain hundreds of little known secrets on which searches are best and little things you can do to increase your hit-rate when you go online and send money down a modem. You'll discover the best computer searches to use and began to understand why some of them are junk. You are shown techniques to use both online and off line that will vastly improve the quality of information you get back. Gain insight into the different computer searches you have available and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each. Get a jump start on the newest and most promising searches for locating missing persons and conducting background investigation. Gain vast insight into credit bureau searches and understand their advantages and disadvantages in using them for specific types of searching. Discover tools you can utilize off line that improve your results when you go online.

It's no longer enough to just have access to computer sources of information. You have got to have the knowledge and the insight to know which computer searches to run when and have the knowledge to do it correctly. Online computer searches have become a very useful information gathering tool but without the right kind of knowledge and insight, you can end up sending money down a modem line with no results. This manual shows you how to stop pushing computer keys and start utilizing computer searching from a power-user's, results orientated approach. With NAIS certificate issued in your name in Advanced Online Searching Strategy. $29.95
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