A Practical Guide To E-Mail Encryption, Data Protection And PGP Software
And The Whole Subject Of Privacy In General!
By: Andre Bacard

No other book on the market covers the whole issue of privacy, especially high tech privacy like this one does. The author starts out with privacy in general and how to protect it (and these first few chapters are very-very good). The book then dives right into the subject of computer privacy and e-mail privacy and explains why everything you e-mail or write on a computer screen is an open book. You'll then learn about how the federal government wants to be in a position to monitor all telecommunications. This excellent book then dives into the subject of data encryption and the computer program PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Aside from just explaining what PGP is, this book explains it indpeth in a user's manual type way and shows you where to get it.

Mitch Kopor, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation called this book, An Invaluable guide to the whole subject of privacy on the net, the politics of privacy, and most important, the practical steps one can take right now. Jim Warren, founder of Infoworld said this about this book, "Ruthlessly realistic but optimistic book explains the privacy dangers that you face and what you can do to protect yourself."

Don't run around the Net bare naked-get the one book everyone should read who accesses the net. 274 pages. $24.95
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