WebMaster in a Nutshell A Desktop Quick Reference
By Stephen Spainhour &
Valerie Quercia
1st Edition October 1996
374 pages
Do you have too many books about the Web and not enough space on your bookshelf? WebMaster in a Nutshell takes all the essential reference information for the Web and pulls it together into one slim volume. This book is a quick reference for anyone who does work on the Web - content providers, programmers, and administrators alike.
WebMaster in a Nutshell covers:
  • HTML 3.2, the markup language for web documents
  • CGI, for creating interactive content on the Web
  • JavaScript, a scripting language that can be embedded directly into HTML
  • HTML extensions by Netscape Navigator 3.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
  • Examples and descriptions of the HTML tags for creating frames, tables, and fill-in forms
  • HTTP 1.1, the underlying protocol that drives the Web
  • Configuration for the Apache, NCSA, CERN, Netscape, and WebSite servers
  • Perl 5, the programming language used most often for CGI
  • WinCGI, the CGI interface for Windows-based programming languages
  • Cookies, for maintaining state between multiple instances of CGI, Java, and JavaScript programs
  • Server Side Includes, for embedding dynamic data into web pages
    WebMaster in a Nutshell breaks up these topics into concise, distinct chapters, designed to make it easy to find the information you want at a moment's notice. This is a book that anyone working seriously on the Web will find indispensable.
    Designing for the Web
    Getting Started in a New Medium
    By Jennifer Niederst with Edie Freedman
    1st Edition April 1996
    180 pages, $24.95
    Designing for the Web: Getting Started in a New Medium gives you the basics you'll need to make the transition to web page design. It is geared toward designers who need to hit the ground running.
    This book won't teach you how to design. Instead, its aim is to give you the information you need to adapt your skills to the Web. It's a quick-start guide to introduce you to the Web and the unique considerations of web design. Although the book is aimed at designers, the techniques in this book are useful to anyone who wants to put graphics online.
    In this book you'll find:
  • A brief introduction to the Web
  • A step-by-step tutorial on putting together a web page from scratch
  • Pointers on creating graphics that are optimized for the Web
  • Recommendations for reducing download times of images
  • Instructions for transparency and interlacing to web graphics
  • A discussion of the impact of different browsers and platforms on your design
  • A listing and demonstration of the HTML tags used for design
  • Tips on using background images and colors in web pages
  • Guidelines on navigational and orientation aids, and on conceptualizing your web site as a whole
    Designing for the Web is written by designers who were pioneers on the Web. Accumulating the basic facts and special tricks for effective web design was a slow, gradual process. This is the book they wish they had when they were just starting out: one that would quickly teach them the lay of the land, so they could concentrate on what they enjoyed doing most -- designing!
    GIF Animation Studio-
    Animating Your Web Site
    By Richard Koman
    1st Edition October 1996
    184 pages, $39.95, Includes CD-ROM
    GIF Animation Studio
    GIF animation is bringing the Web to life -- without plug-ins, Java programming, or expensive authoring tools. This book details the major GIF animation programs, profiles work by leading designers (including John Hersey, Razorfish, Henrik Drescher, and Erik Josowitz), and documents advanced animation techniques. A CD-ROM includes freeware and shareware authoring programs, demo versions of commercial software, and the actual animation files described in the book. GIF Animation Studio is the first release in the new Web Review Studio
    The Web Review Studio series -- published by O'Reilly & Associates' affiliate company, Songline Studios, publishers of the groundbreaking Web sites Web Review and Ferndale -- demystifies the complexities of publishing multimedia on the Web. The series is aimed at creative Web professionals and enthusiasts -- the people creating graphics, animation, sound, and multimedia on the Web.
    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
    By David Flanagan
    2nd Edition January 1997
    664 pages, $32.95
    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
    JavaScript is a simple programming language from Netscape that can be embedded in your HTML web pages. It allows you to control the behavior of the web browser, add dynamically created text to your web pages, interact with the user through HTML forms (without CGI scripts), and, in version 3.0 of Netscape Navigator, even control and interact with Java applets and Navigator plugins. JavaScript is not an alternative to Java, but an ideal partner. The two languages have separate but very complementary features. Since JavaScript is a simple language that can be embedded directly into a web page, without need for compilation, it is accessible to more web page authors, and may actually have a larger short-term impact on the Web and on Internet computing than Java itself. This book is a definitive guide for JavaScript. The first eight chapters document the core JavaScript language, and the next six describe how JavaScript works on the client side to interact with the web browser and with the web page. These chapters are followed by a complete reference section that documents every object, property, method, event handler, function, and constructor used by client-side JavaScript. This book also covers the use of JavaScript on web servers, as well as the object, properties, and methods of server-side JavaScript. A separate reference section documents the interaction between JavaScript and HTML -- mainly aspects of HTML that relate to JvaaScript.
    The book describes the version of JavaScript shipped with Navigator 2.0, 2.0.1, and 2.0.2, and also the much-changed version of JavaScript shipped with Navigator 3.0, 3.0.1, and 3.0.2. LiveConnect, used for communication between JavaScript and Java applets, and commonly encountered bugs on JavaScript objects are also covered.
    664 pages, $32.95



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