Type: SL5030XYC-L
Engine: 4 stroke, water-cooling elect-ejection petrol engine gasoline
Bore and stroke (mm): 95Å~86mm
Working capacity: 2.438L
Compression ratio: 8.8
Rated power (km/rpm): 88/4800
Max.torque (Nm/rpm): 198/2600
Rotate speed (rpm): 800+50, 800-50
Lubricant pressure (Kpa): =20.4/=170
Clutch: Single dry type clutch with cushioning springs
Reducer: 5 speed manual floor-mounted shift lever
Transfer gear ratio. 1st gear: 3.992, 2nd gear: 2.15, 3rd gear: 1.517, 4th gear: 1.000, 5th gear: 0.862, reverse gear: 3.6
Rear axle: completed type
Main transfer ratio: 4.556
Tire: 195R15C/185R14C
Battery: N50Z

Standard Equipment for cash-transport car:
1. front armored windshield
2. bulletproof glass on driver doors & windows (light SPC board)
3. bulletproof glass on side doors &windows (light PC board)
4. concentration control lock
5. separate air-condition system in front & back
6. watching window on the cash cabin's moving door
7. the alarm, theft proof, robbery remote control system
8. dynamics turn
9. color liquid crystal monitor system
10. aluminum alloy hubcap (only used on B2C?B2)
11. dynamoelectric rise & fall fire (deliver) hole in driver doors
12. left & right fire hole in escort cabin
13. dynamoelectric ventilate skylight
14. dynamoelectric back glasses
15. strike bumper in front & back
16. decorative aluminum floor in cash cabin

Starting At $59,888.00 (Pricing subject to change without notice)
Plus import and delivery charges. Payable In Advance.
Custom made, must allow minimum of 2/3 months for delivery.

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