Type: SL5030XYCX1
Chassis: HFC6500A1
Drive: 4Å~2
Seats: 5
Dimension(LÅ~WÅ~H): 5035Å~1820Å~1970mm
Max.speed(km/h): 150
Min. distance off Ground(mm): 180
Minimum turn Diameter(m): 12
Oil Wastage(1/100km): 10.5
Total Weight(kg): 2800
Loading Weight: 700
Engine type: G4JS(2.4MPI)
Engine style: gasoline engine
Power( KW/r/min): 100.7/5250
volume of cash cabin(m©¯): 2.2

Normal Configuration:
1. front armored windshield
2. bulletproof glass on driver doors & windows (light SPC board)
3. bulletproof glass on side doors &windows (light PC board)
4. watching window on the cash cabin's moving door
5. concentration control lock
6. separate air-condition in front & back
7. heavy-duty steel board spring on the back (only used on 4*2 type)
8. dynamics turn
9. light 4 sections adjustable steering-wheel
10. color liquid crystal monitor system
11. dynamoelectric back glasses
12. dynamoelectric rise & fall fire (deliver) hole in driver doors
13. left & right fire hole in escort cabin
14. dynamoelectric ventilate skylight
15. the alarm,theftproof,robbery remote control system
16. strike bumper in front & back
17. decorative aluminum floor in cash cabin


Starting At $69,888.00 (Pricing subject to change without notice)
Plus import and delivery charges. Payable In Advance.
Custom made, must allow minimum of 2/3 months for delivery.


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