Covert Video MasterTek Surveillance Kit For 2007!

Covert Video Camera Kit
Button Camera And Eyeglass Camera
With DVR That Powers Both The Eyeglass Camera And Button Camera

It's Like Getting Three Covert Video Kits for
The Price Of One With A High End Portable DVR
That Powers Them ALL!

Our high end covert video kit with both the eyeglass video camera and button camera is perfect since the high end DVR with this kit powers both cameras! It's like getting three covert video camera kits in one without the worry of battery power for the cameras. You can use the DVR with either the eyeglass covert video camera that has three lens changes for color lens and/or the button camera that can also double as a pinhole camera. The button camera comes with extra matching buttons for your short.

The Covert Video MasterTek Surveillance Kit Includes The Tiny DVR That Powers The Cameras, The EyeGlassTek Covert Video Eyeglass Camera With Interchangeable Color Lenses, The Button Camera Kit That Can Also Double As A Pinhole Camera And All Needed Accessories!

Features: DVR
• World's Smallest Size of Audio Video Recorder (DVR) only 90X65X20mm
• Especially Designed For Covert Investigative Evidence Collection.
• Real Time Recording With Time And Date Stamping!
• No Moving Parts, Inside SD / MMC Card Slot.
• Perfect For Covert Investigation And Surveillance.
• No Extra Power Source Needed For Included Cameras.(DVR Powers Them!)
• Can Also Play And Record Video As A Stand ALong Unit!
• Can Also Play And Record Mp3 Audio.
• Will Take Either a 1 GB or 2 GB SD Card Giving You 5 Or Ten Hours Of Recording Time!
• 2 pcs. Changeable Rechargeable battery included.
• Built In Speaker And Fashionable Earphone.
• Built In Microphone On DVR
• 2.5" LCD Display With O/ Off Switch ( LCD Can Be turned Off During Covert Video Recording)
• Connect To Personal Computer With Fast USB Port For Download Footage For Editing And Email.

Features: EyeGlass Covert Video Camera
• Built In High Grade CMOS Low Light Camera
• Especially Designed For Covert Evidence Collection.
• Great For Investigation And Surveillance.
• You Record What You See With Your Own Eyes!
• No Extra Power Needed For camera! Camera Powered By DVR!
• No Installation Just Plug And Play And Record!
• Three Interchangeable lenses!
• 2.0 Lux Rating
• 382 Lines Of Resolution!

Features: Covert Video Button Camera
• High Grade CMOS Low Light Button Camera
• No Power Battery Needed! Powered By The DVR!
• 10 Pcs. Extra Matching Buttons Are Included For The Whole Shirt.
• 2.0 Lux Rating
• Resolution 382 Lines

Included accessories
• Eyeglass Covert Video Camera
• Three Extra Colored Lens For Eyeglass.
• Button Shape Camera with audio video recording
• 10 extra matching buttons
• 2 pcs. Lithium rechargeable battery.
• Super Mini pocket Audio Video Recorder.
• Will Work With Either 1 GB Or 2 GB memory card
• Universal Charger.
• Ear phone.
• AV Cable.
• USB cable.
• Driver Disk for under win 98 SE ( XP do not need driver)
• Carrying Case for Complete Kit
• Carry case for DVR
• One year limited guarantee.
• User manual

The Covert Video MasterTek Surveillance Kit Can All Kit In The
Included High-End Box For Safe Storage!

All-in-all This new generation impressive covert video surveillance kit is ideal for professional investigation and law enforcement simply because you can use it for so many different covert video operations. The EyeGlass video camera lets you use it with the near clear lens or color lens. You can use the button camera as bodywear or use it as a pinhole camera. And remember, unlike other kits, no power is needed for the cameras as they are powered by the DVR!. Nothing compares to this kit and it's yours at a limited time deeply discounted price so get your new generation covert video system today and become the master covert surveillance service in your area now!

Covert Video MasterTek Surveillance Kit For 2007
Covert Video Kit
Button Camera And Eyeglass Camera With DVR
DVR Powers Both The Eyeglass Camera And Button Camera
It's Like Getting Two Covert Video Kits for The Price Of One!
MSRP: $995.00 YOUR COST ONLY $495.00

1 GB SD card for DVR: $69.95
2 GB SD card for DVR: $89.95



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