5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit
Quck And Easy Multiple use Kit Performs 5-6 Tests

"Thank you for being so brave to go forward with this product"
Sunrise, AZ.

Listen to what a former F.B.I agent has to say about CheckMate
I have had the opportunity to use your product on three different occasions. Not withstanding the obvious reason for the product, it serves as an additional tool for the investigator on behalf of the client to determine if sexual intercourse actually occurred. After being in the business for 20 years it is my personal opinion that most clients involved in these type of investigations are looking for positive proof before they make a decision about someone they are involved with. Surveillance Photos, written reports and audio transcripts all are helpful investigative tools. The ability to determine the presence of semen on garments is another element in the investigative process for the client to use in the decision making process of civil action. For the investigator, the product allows for professional examination on a quick and efficient basis. In any case I am satisfied with the product. Depending on the parameters of the TV spot I would be interested in appearing. Please advise further details. KC Detectives, Kansas City Mo.

Spoke to you on Friday 6-7-02 and placed my order. Received my order on Mon. 6-10 which was much sooner than I had expected. Went home and did the (semen detection) test on my lunch hour. My test results were negative. YOU MAY NOT HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY BUT PROBABLY MY ENTIRE LIFE! Instructions were easy to follow and the test was easy to do. I will be talking around the water cooler and I will recommend this to anyone in a similar situation. I was hoping it would be negative. It's something that would have bothered me my whole life but thanks to you now I don't have to worry about it anymore.
Chicago IL.

Hi, got your package in 2 days, all the way across the country in Philly. Got the skirt and it tested positive. Confronted her, and she doesn't deny it. I verified the test results with my own semen sample (positive) and my saliva, (negative). Presto..... My sample and the skirt I suspected were both positive. Thanks a million! post this: DO NOT HIRE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR AND WASTE YOUR MONEY, GET CHECKMATE AS SOON AS YOU FIND SOME EVIDENCE!!!

First of all I wanted to thank you for sending the product so promptly. Secondly I think this product rocks! Here was my dilemma... My boyfriend has had this thought that I was cheating on him for the longest time. We would get into really really horrible fights non stop about me cheating on him while I was at work, like I wasn't really where I said I was.. etc.. Anyways he told me about this 'checkmate' product a couple of months ago, I looked for it on the internet and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally I found your site and he insisted that if I wasn't cheating on him I would have no problem ordering it and letting him do the test on this pair of underwear of mine that he has been hiding that he thought might have semen in it. So I of course said "sure I will order this for you" so we could at least stop with the arguments. Any who I ordered the product to my work, (great packaging so no one could figure out what's in it) and brought it home for him so he could do his test. Well it turns out that he got his 'proof' that I wasn't cheating on him and now finally we can go back to the way we were without him pointing the finger at me all the time and he actually believes me now when I tell him where I was and what I am doing. Your company is a lifesaver. Thank you so much!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone that is in doubt of their significant other.
You guys are awesome!!!
Atlanta GA.

Just wanted to say thanks “checkmate” YOU SAVED MY MARRIAGE! She has always said she would never cheat on me. But the proof was mounting up that maybe my true love was not so true. After all, I’m her 6th Husband and she confessed to cheating on the other 5.

I followed the directions to the letter and carefully administered the tests. One by one the items tested negative! After each test I could feel a tremendous weight being lifted from my shoulders. In the days prior to my ordering the test, which came very quickly by the way, I had every piece of clothing condemned to its seemingly shameful guilt. I even began to contemplate what I was going to do after the tests began. I am so grateful that I first did a test on a bed sheet that I knew my wife and I had made love in. The results from that test were positive in less than 3 seconds. WITH CHECKMATE IT’S GAME OVER!
Thanks for all the customer support!
Disc Jockey - G.S.
Seattle Washington.

Checkmate is a great product. The most important feature of this product though, is the customer service behind it. They are truly people who care about what is happening in their customer's lives, not just the sale. I am always a little skeptical about ordering from companies that I have never heard of. Your staff immediately answered my e mails and calmed the fears I had, not only about ordering and using the products, but also about whether or not I should be resorting to testing my husband's underwear. Your customer service representatives were wonderful and held my hand not only through the process, but were there with me when the test turned out to be positive. This is such a sensitive subject and you handle it so well. By the time I sent you my money, I felt that a friend was helping me out. I not only got my money's worth and more, but it arrived quickly and more importantly, privately.
Thank you again
MT. Laurel N.J.

As a matter of fact, I did use the Checkmate product and it was quite
successful for me. As I am now in the process of obtaining a divorce :) you can understand my reluctance to put here the details of my story. You could be anyone, yes? However, if you could provide some sort of evidence that you are not my soon to be ex or any of his "playmates" I would be thrilled to
tell you about it.
Los Angeles CA.

I believe this product will help many people who stay up MANY nights worrying about the possibility of their spouse/mate being unfaithful. Thank you for being so brave to go forward with this product!
Sunrise AZ.

My experience with the Checkmate infidelity test kit has GREATLY exceeded my expectations, and has changed my life. I had my suspicions that the girl I loved so dearly was hiding a secret sexual involvement with another guy. The stress and emotional strain this deception placed in to my life was beyond simple words to convey. Sleepless nights and days filled with worry and suspicion were quickly becoming the only existence I knew. Though I had never had any previous reason to question her integrity or honesty, my intuition could no longer be ignored. For MY own good, I needed the answers that were so carefully being hidden from me. My problem was that speculation and suspicion was just not a good enough basis for any real course of action, what I needed so badly was PROOF.
Checkmate was my answer. I bought their home test kit and with the evidence I carefully collected, I was able to put these questions to rest once and or all. My intuition was 100% validated through Checkmates scientific proof, and with this evidence, for the first time, I was in control, I held the answers that I deserved to know so badly. There is no question what so ever that Checkmates product was the single and only tool available to me to liberate my mind and all my stress once and for all. I made my decisions based on this unique proof, and it was the means to the confession that was required to end this nightmare. I have since enjoyed peace of mind that had been absent for so long.
Checkmate has my eternal gratitude for allowing me to move on with my life, with the facts and proof required to do so. The company has gone above and beyond my expectations in the product they sell and the service they have provided. I have NEVER endorsed any company in my 32 years of being alive, until now. They deserve it!! Thanks Checkmate for everything, you have changed my life for the better. You have given me my peace of mind back, and there is nothing more valuable to me. Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way, feel free to use my whole name if you choose to publish my
testimonial in any form.
Todd Campbell,
Olympia Washington

We have received your product, tested it and found it to work just as promised. I think you have a great product there, and I am very interested in marketing here in Germany. I think 10,000 units in the first year should be easy. We have quite some experience in building up a market in the press. Please let me know if you are still interested. And a quotation for 10,000 kits would be appreciated so we know what price range we are looking. Please consider the weak Euro. Hope to hear from you soon!
Hamburg Germany

We got the delivery of your package yesterday in sound condition and then soon conducted our own test with our partner using the actual sample "material" for the purpose. The result has been most satisfactory to us. In view of this, we, as well as our partner, have an interest in marketing this item in Japan from now onward under a sole distributorship basis. Kindly quote us your best price of 1000 kits on C&F Osaka (kansan Airport) or FOB Seattle Airport basis.
Osaka Japan

Thank you so much. I ordered your kit and I found semen! My husband claims he mastu( you know what) but I feel justified with this to take our 4 kids and divorce him. This is great that you have this I can make his life hell. Be aware my husband is a prominent business man and claimed when he found out where I got the kit he was going to sue you guys to the ends of the earth ( he will), but now I get a larger portion of his estate. I know I will land up in court...
Del Mar CA.

Here is pretty much the story in a nutshell:
About 4 months ago, I started to suspect that my wife might be having an
affair. The usual symptoms, she would leave 2 hours early for wherever she was going, wouldn't let me go with her, etc... After a brief search on the internet, I found your site, and ordered the test kit. The first set of tests showed nothing, that was ok because I wasn't sure that I would find anything that time anyway, but the second set of tests showed a lot! I enlisted the aid of a DNA testing lab to verify thepositive test results. It turns out that he also works for the state crime lab! So he was able to verify the presence of semen that Checkmate found, in fact if it wasn't for the checkmate, we wouldn't have known where to look on the clothing! The clothing that was sampled is in deep cold storage at the state crime lab right now! It also let us know that we should be watching INSIDE her car, checkmate showed signs right on the front seat!
After all that, I hired a private investigator, got video of her and her boyfriend along with all of the other evidence. Actually the video part is VERY high tech stuff. Her and her boyfriend (who is also married) tried really hard NOT to get caught. And it took kind of extreme measures to catch them in the act!
Mesa AZ.

Just wanted you to know I received your kit. I have used it and got a positive test result. It really does work as you specified in your brochure and instructions. I thank you for providing such a product to the consumer.
Muskogee OK.

You have been most helpful with the product and again I feel it will help with my business as my clients want to know the facts.
Mooresville N.C.

As a man experiencing a tumultuous time in his marriage, I was troubled with the mixed feelings. Is it stress, a newborn child, mid-life crisis, or was there someone else involved? Not knowing is the worst of feelings. I was putting my clothes in the dirty clothes hamper and I inadvertently noticed a stain in my wife's underwear. Now I was certainly suspicious. A few days later after she was out of town again I noticed a similar stain. Now I was worried and needed a definitive answer. I searched the web and found out about checkmate. I was apprehensive as you would expect but I gave it a try. I received the kit promptly and discretely and tested both garments against a known semen sample. To my surprise and relief the 2 tests were negative, and the known sample showed positive in about 4 seconds! My marriage is certainly no stronger but at least the worries of infidelity won't complicate trying to fix it or end it. Truly a great product and a good value if you think about what it really does.
Tyler Texas

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