Completely Gone Digital Computer File Shredder
Files intended to be erased are MEANT to be erased without possibility of recovering as such files may contain sensitive and confidential data that may be misuse when fall into wrong hands. Since normal deletion only removes reference to the files but not the physical files themselves, such sensitive and confidential data is highly vulnerable to unauthorized users who have ill intention of misusing such data, like selling such data to competitors or using such data to blackmail the owners.

Therefore, it is VITAL to make sure that when files are deleted, such files are physically impossible to be recovered in full or in part.

With Completely Gone, a SECURE algorithm to erase your PRECIOUS DATA and make sure such deleted data shall never be able to be recovered. The deletion are password-protected so that only authorized users are able to erase any file. This is an important feature as we do not want anyone other than authorized users to have such control over our PRECIOUS DATA.

With Completely Gone, you will have peace of mind and never have to worry about the possibility of someone recovering your confidential data after you THOUGHT you have such data taking care of !!

Key Benefits

  • More user friendly navigation in this upgrade !!
  • Ensure files are deleted without the possibility of recovering
  • Files are removed with high secure algorithm
  • Deletion not recoverable even with File Recovery software

Completely Gone $29.90

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