Windows Inspector Only $15.95

Computer Inspector is a software will assist you to analyze and warn third party software installed on your computer. Windows Inspector analyzes all the areas which could be used by malicious software.

Computer Inspector shows you the running process on the computer with full details and also highlights any suspicious process. Computer Inspector has a database of malicious, system and common applications which it uses to filter out the process.

Computer Inspector is more helpful in case of browser hijacking, unwanted BHOs, toolbars, buttons and context menu. It provides full detail of all the Internet Explorer related data which can be vulnerable to attack from malicious applications. These days we find it common as more and more sites are installing Spyware, Adware etc. in one or other disguised forms.

One of the Major area covered by Computer Inspector is Startup item. Every programs which runs automatically has to include itself as startup item. Windows Inspector show you all the startup items on your computer and let you manage them.

Through Computer Inspector you can also see and uninstall installed applications on your computer.
Computer Inspector also generates a comprehensive report of third party software installed on your computer this is very helpful in case you have problems with the computer and have to send the computer information for support.

Windows Inspector Only $15.95!
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