Amazing! Patented Technology Lets You Record Previous 30 Seconds On Action
That Already Happened After The Event Occured!
Clips To Sunglasses Or Cap! Self Contained Video Recorder!

The first wearable digital camcorder that's so small you can attach it to the bill of a hat or the frame of your glasses.The Deja Spy Cam is a breakthrough in after-the-fact technology and wearable hands-free video.   Both features are essential for the active life style and walk-by surveillance.   To be part of the action while recording, instead of being the 'photographer' is a concept that was always thought about, but never made possible.  Taking digital video without holding the camcorder, is a now a reality with the Deja Spy Cam.  Hands-free recording lets one be  part of the action, and leads to less tired arms.

With the patented “after-the-fact“ technology the DejaView Cam is capable of looking backward so those special moments just witnessed are not lost.  The previous 30 seconds of what had already been seen is captured by the simple press of a button.  Our software allows you to edit and capture specific frames to create precious still pictures from the video.


  • Wearable hands-free digital video camcorder
  • “After-the-fact“ recording
  • Full motion video at 30 frames per second
  • From 64MB to 1GB memory storage
  • Memory-low warning light
  • ArcSoft ShowBiz 2 software for editing audio/video clips on a PC and authoring DVD’s, VCD’s and single frame prints.
  • Download clips to PC via USB 1.1 or 2.0 (cable included)
  • Standard 110V wall charger (2.4mA) 
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with a minimum 4 hour operating capacity.
  • Video quality at CIF (320x240) 
  • Direct output to TV, VCRs or DVD burner via RCA jacks
  • File viewing with ArcSoft ShowBiz 2 software or Windows Media Player 
  • Edit video, and create DVD's
  • Capture still frames and create a picture library

Here are a few suggested uses for the Deja View:

  • Walk-by Surveillance Clips
  • Professional sporting events
  • Children's sporting events
  • Children's recitals
  • Children's "firsts"
  • Personal / Extreme sporting
  • Personal interest projects
  • Coaching / Instant replay
  • Instructional purposes
  • Educational note-taker
  • Travel · Amusement
  • Family
  • Hunting
  • Security
  • Employee honesty


The camera sees what you see.  It is constantly monitoring everything.  When something happens; a slide into third base, a worker's comp subject quickly picking something up with his bad back, that soccer goal, the perfect steps of your young ballerinas or just showing your family the actual size of that fish.  When you see that special moment simply press record and you have now saved the last 30 seconds leading up to and including the actual event.  These are those moments you would normally miss with a conventional camcorder.   Also included is software which allows you to edit the video and find the frame of the moment, and capture it as a picture for your image and video library.  The Deja Spy Cam eliminates the need to see the world through a viewfinder.  The uses are almost too many to mention! Never again will you miss video recording of an important action. Comes with 64 MB SD card that will record eight about ten minutes of video. Can use a 512 SD card which will record over an hour of video.

Amazing! Patented Technology Lets You Record Previous 30 Seconds On Action
That Already Happened After The Event Occured!
Clips To Sunglasses Or Cap! Self Contained Video Recorder!



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