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LawMate Smartphone Cam! -www.pimall.com/nais

New LawMate HD PV-RC300 Cam  Stick - www.pimall.com/nais

LawMate PVMU-10 Covert Video Wireless Mouse- www.pimall.com/naisLawmate GSM Video Transmiter- www.pimall.com/naisLawMate PV-BX12
New Generation Black Box Covert Video Camera/DVR
"A Giant Leap Forward! With External PIR Motion Sensor!" www.pimall.com/nais

PV-900 HD + CM-EP10- INVISIBLE SECRETS COVERT VIDEO! -LawMate America- www.pimall.com/naisNew Generation Eyeglass Or Sunglass Covert Video Camera From LawMate With Cutting-edge Shadowcasting Technology- www.pimall.com/nais

WDR LawMate Keychain DVR Camera StickIt-Stealth Stationary Covert Video From LawMate

LawMate Grade Walk Around Covert Video
Innovative Walk Around Bodywear Covert Video Gear For The Professional with built-in high grade video cameras and digital video recorders. This unique line will make your mouth water with high grade super quality end results you need, especially for legal evidence gathering. Something for every walk around covert video need.

Hd Key Chain Video Recorder from LawMate WDR Keychain Video Recorder from LawMate MiniCam From LawMate Video Mugged- Thermal Woal Around Mug With Video Camera And DVR From Lawmate- www.pimall.com/nais
Covert Video Eyeglass Or Sunglass Camera- New Shadow Cast Invisible Secrets Technology From LawMate!  www.pimall.com/nais
Bluetooth Video Camera PV50 Hd From LawMate-Covert Video At It's Best! Replay HD Video Camera
WonderCAM -World's Smallest Camera With Screen Night Watch Stealth Covert Video/DVR HD Pen Necklace Watch/Covert Video
Digital Binocular Camera HD Foutain Pen Camera/DVR LawMate Eyeglass/Sunglass Covert Video Camera NanoCam- Really Small

Classic Covert Video HD Watch From SpyTek - www.pimall.com/nais

Lone Wolf Eye LawMate Clock Radio Covert Video System- www.pimall.com/nais

LawMate Grade Digital Video Recorders
LawMate Portable Digital Video Recorders Are Known The World Over By Law Enforcement Agencies, Intelligence Gathering Agencies, Professional Security, And Professional Investigators For Their Top Quality High Grade Performance! They are unique in that they are designed and built from the ground up for professional use, are small enough to hide as bodywear, are modular in that over 30 high grade LawMate cameras work with them and can be used for walk around covert video operations or stationary covert video ops! There are now five LawMate grade models with more under development right now! Take a look at the choice of the professionals!

pv500lite With Free Button Camera Kit!

NEW!PV900FHD Invisible Secrets DVR/ Covert Video Camera From LawMate PV500lite From LawMate PV500eco PV500evo By LawMate
pv50 Lawmate Black Box DVR!
Lawmate PV1000T Atouch Screen HD Portable Digital Video Recorder- www.pimall.com/nais

LawMate Grade Stationary Covert Video
We are proud to offer a new LawMate Grade line of stationary covert video products with built in DVRs that are the smallest and most unique types of covert video recording systems in the industry! No one can develop them like LawMate Can! From the Wafer-thin new line we call Stick-Its, to other stationary covert video systems built into very SMALL common items, LawMate has become the world-class choice of the professional.

LawMate On/Off Swtich Covert Video System LawMate Icharger Covert Video System LawMate Cord Camera/DVR Covert Video System
LawMate Electrocial Outlet Covert Camera/DVR LawMate Adapter/DVR Covert Video New!Thermometer Covert Video System From LawMate!

PV-RC400HD Video Action Stick From LawMate- www.piamll.com/nais

HCBulb: LED and Nightvision Lightbulb Camera From SpyTek- www.pimall.com/nais

LawMate Grade Covert Cameras

Most Popular LawMate Grade Walk Around Covert Video Cameras For LawMate DVRs!
Innovative, High Resolution, Powered By LawMate Grade DVRs, And Amazingly Small!

New High Defination Low Light Lawmate Button Camera Kit- www.pimall.com/nais
new- LawMate Tie Clip Covert Video Camera- www.pimall.com/nais
New Shadown Casting Covert Video Cloaking Technology- www.pimall.com/nais
LawMate Eyeglass/Sunglass Covert Video Camera ButtonCam Lawmate earphonecam LawMate Button Cam WDR

LawMate Camera Click

Other high grade LawMate covert video cameras for just about every need you can think of! One Of The Most extensive And well known lines of covert video cameras used by Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies, High End Security Agencies And High End Professional Investigators. LawMate, the trusted name in covert video gear!

Bodywear Lawmate Cameras

Special Ops Cameras From LawMate

LawMate Camera Click

Professional Grade Camcorders

Zoom Camcorder Camcorder HD Camcorder 1080 HD Sports HD To THe Max Camera/Camcorder
Replay HD Video Camera MiniCam From LawMate WDR Keychain Video Recorder from LawMate HD007 Camcorder

New Generation Digital Night Vision Pocket Scope From SpyTeK- The famous Name In Covert Video- www.pimall.com/nais

Specialized Stationary Covert Video Systems
Specialized Stationary Covert Video Operations Systems For Every Need! You will find these sections contain special record in total darkness smart camera systems, to the new high grade Zone Shield line, to Black Box video technology to the one and three year standy-by battery systems as well as outdoor camera systems and systems for remote view where you can monitor covert video over the internet on your computer, laptop or smart phone from anywhere in the world!

Remote Vieiw IP Night Vision Pan And Tilt

Remote Access Covert Video Camera Systems

BlackOPS  Covert Video Zone Shield Covert Video Long Life Covert Video USB Remote View Covert Video
Night Fox Rock Box Covert Camera Night Fox Electricial Box Night Vision Camera Recluse Black Box Covert Video recluse Black Box Covert Video System

Innovative Surveilance Training Products

Ultimate Surveillance Training On DVD

By Gene Robertson

Surveillance Tradecraft Rural Surveillance Thomas On Surveillance Taticial Surveillance

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What's New In Covert Video Micro Video And Pinhole Video Cameras
Covert Video Cameras Built Into All Kinds Of Stuff Bodywear Covert Video Cameras
Portable Mini Digital Video Recorders Access Video Off The Net From Anywhere
Camcorders & Still Digital Cameras New! PI Portable Kits Of All Kinds!
Special Operations Video Cameras Simulated Video Cameras
New LawMate Grade Stationary Covert Video New Remote View Digital USB Surveillance Systems
BlackOPS Night Vision Stationary Covert Video New Remote View Digital IP Covert Surveillance Systems
New Generation Zone Shield Covert Video New Remote View Digital RCA Covert Surveillance Systems
New Generation xTreme Life Covert Video Gear Surveillance Training Aids
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