State-Of-The-Art Telephone Eavesdropping Detector And Defeater Turns Any Telephone And Telephone Line
Into A High Security Line!


 If you are concerned about privacy or suspicious that your calls are being recorded or monitored and/or concerned that someone is listening to your room conversations, your answer is the TAP NULLIFIER that DETECTS and DEFEATS eavesdropping and privacy invasion.

There are a number of telephone line privacy devises and eavesdropping testers on the market today but this one has features like no others. First of all, it doesn't just detect eavesdropping, it also nullifies almost any eavesdropping devise placed on your telephone line. It turns any telephone into a high security telephone line. Don't be fooled by cheap equipment that doesn't do the job you need nor provide you with the level of telephone security you need. The Telephone Tap Nullifier is top quality and state-of-the-art. Look at these features:


Made In The USA
FCC Approved
Sturdy Metal Case
Fine Tuning Capability
NOT Powered By The Telephone Line!
Portable--Easily Fits Inside Briefcase
Easy And Simple Installation Through Standard Telephone Line
STOPS Automatic Recorder Activators dead In Their Tracks! ( Tape Recorders Will Not Run)
ALERTS You To Any Extension Line Pick-ups And/Or Lineman's Headsets.
Works On ANY Telephone Or Fax Line ANYWHERE
Deactivates Automatic Parallel Line Transmitters Rendering Them Useless
ALERTS you to Infinity Transmitters And Line Tampering
Monitoring Exact Line Voltage in On-Hook And Off-Hook Condition for Rapid Privacy Invasion
Deactivates Of Causes A Substantial Frequency Shift/Power Reduction Of free Running Series Line Transmitters And Crystal Controlled Series Line Transmitters.
James Any Listening Devises Which uses The Telephone Line To Listen To Your Room Conversations, Such AS Infinity Transmitters, Microphones, Hook Switch Bypasses, Line Drivers, Etc.


Amazing! State-Of-The-Art unit gives you the ultimate level of telephone and privacy security you need. The Tap Nullifier is simply the best, most reliable way to ensure the privacy of your communications.

Dimensions: 5.5 X 5.5 X 1.5" ( 140 X 140 X 38mm )
Weight: 1.25lbs ( 570g )
Power: AC 115V-60Hz, or AC220V-50Hz
AC Adapter Supplied.

Telephone Tap Nullifier $795.00


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