Private-Eye Mailing List FAQ

By Joseph Seanor
CIBIR Corporation
Computer Crime Investigators

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Here is the first NEW Private-Eye Frequently-Asked-Questions

What is Private-Eye?
Private-Eye is the Internets first mailing list for Private
Investigators. Started almost 2 years ago by Joseph Seanor the list
continues to provide information about the world of Private Investigators
and the business of PI
Who is the Owner?
The owner of Private-Eye is Joseph Seanor. He can be reached at
the following addresses:

Who helps with the List?
The people that help me with the list (besides the office people
at CIBIR) are: Dan Draz George Pilat

Rules of the list
These are the rules of the list. They are simple and
straightforward. I ask that all members of the list adhere to them.
1. Everyone on the list is a professional. and should act as such.
2. No foul language is to be directed at anyone on the list, if
you want to flame them, do it in PRIVATE.
3. If you must comment on a post, make sure that it is something
the GROUP will benefit from.
4. Please avoid sending out one or two line replies to a note,
unless the GROUP will benefit from it.
5. FLAMES ARE NOT ALLOWED! If you MUST FLAME, then do it in private.

Where is Private-Eye?
Private-Eye is located on the server INTNET.NET This server is
run by George R. Pilat. If you need special help, or have list problems
that get no response from Joseph Seanor, then email

How do I join Private-Eye
To join Private-Eye just send email to:

SUBJECT: leave blank
BODY: Subscribe Private-Eye Email address Your Name

How do I Unsubscribe from Private-Eye
To unsubscribe from Private-Eye send email to:

SUBJECT: leave blank
BODY: Unsubscribe Private-Eye Email address

I am not getting any more mail, what happened?
Odds are that your server had a problem and sent an error message
to the List Owner and the account was removed. Or your mailbox was full
and sent back an error message. To solve this problem, just send a new
note to the list owner or re-subscribe to the list.

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