Secret Advantage! StunTeK From SpyTeK
• The Worlds Smallest Power Stun Gun!
• Featuring New Micro-Phaser Fire Technology
• Small Enough To Conceal In A Pack Of Cigarettes!
• And Self Protection that fits in the palm of your hand!

Don't be fooled by all the cheap junk flooding the internet when it comes to self defense and stun gun protection. Most of the junk is just that. If they were legal, they would sell them on the shelves of toy stores because that's basically all most of them are. The new generation StunTeK is a huge leap above all that junk and the stun gun you want to carry because your life might depend on it. It's SpyTek approved! A sign of top quality. Not only are you obtaining a top quality piece of professional self defense equipment used by security professionals and executive protection bodyguard agents, this baby gives you a secret advantage since you can conceal it in a pack of cigarettes! That's still not all there is to the StunTek advantage! We are throwing in a free key chain pepper spray, free lithium batteries and a free holster! It's the complete top-quality self-defense kit you should choose right now because of it's advanced features and free self-defense materials that go with it.

Take A Look At Your StunTek Advantage:

  • Size is smaller than a pack of Cigarettes

  • FREE Holster Included

  • Easy to Conceal

  • Safety button prevent accidental discharge

  • FREE Powerful Lithium Batteries (included)

  • Manufactured from the Highest Quality Components

  • Features New Micro Phaser-Fire Technology
  • FREE Pepper Spray Included
  • Lifetime Warranty


StunTeK Features:

High Powered Stun Gun: Compared to other stun devices on the market, the Fire StunTeK gun is one of the most powerful. The sight and sound of this device merely fired into the air will often times be enough to scare away an attacker.Feat ring powerful micro phaser fire technology, between the two probes you'll see the bright blue flash of the electrical current and you'll hear the menacing electrical sound. If an attacker is not thwarted by this alone, the powerful jolt from this device certainly will do the trick.

Smallest Stun Gun: All of this power is packed inside a gun that is only 3 inches in height; by far the smallest stun gun available. Highly portable, and due to its size, you can easily conceal it in a pocket, handbag or even a pack of cigarettes, giving you the added benefit of surprise in the event of an attack. Compared to other high voltage guns, you'll find that the Fire Fly is 2 to 3 times smaller! 

Safety Button: No need to worry about accidental discharge, as to operate the unit you must press the safety button and the trigger at the same time to fire the unit. A red LED warning light will illuminate when you press the safety button, alerting you that it's ready for use.

FREE! Holster Included: For easy carrying, included is a heavy-duty nylon holster complete with belt loop.

FREE! Pepper Spray With Key Release (A $14.95 value!)

FREE! 3 Lithium Batteries ( a $15.00 value!)

Lifetime Warranty: Unsurpassed quality, we guarantee it for life!

Secret Advantage! StunTeK From SpyTeK
The Worlds Smallest Stun Gun!
Small Enough To Conceal In A Pack Of Cigarettes!
And Self Protection that fits in the palm of your hand!

MSRP: $79.95 Your Cost With All The Free Stuff Above Only $49.95


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