HTML has no secrets now. You are doing click on viewed element on web page and getting its colored source code for learning and storing to local disk. Create your own collection of working examples for daily using.

Why you should have it?
HTMLSpy is a tool for who are learning html and who want to know how are created the best sites in the world. You  visit sites, collect html sources and them part for using in own pages. Other HTMLSpy function is visual validation of html code.  If source has error(s) the first line does not return to the first position after loading in HTMLSpy. It means that html code is not well-formed. You can correct source and check it again.

Major Features:

  • viewing source code of selected elements on html page
  • working with text, image, button and input field
  • colored html code
  • pretty formatted html code (see screenshots)
  • storing selected element or whole page for next use
  • Build-in editor to correcting html code
  • preview in default browser
  • support copy/paste clipboard operation
  • Visual Validation of html code. (well-formed)
  • storing URL of source in saved file

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