Multi-Function Counterfeit Money And Credit Card Detection Machine

The Multi-Function Counterfeit Money Detection Machine has been designed to detect the authenticity of bills, credit cards, traveler's checks and other special documents using six different methods:  (1) UV Detection (with sensitivity adjustment), (2) Magnetism Detection (where magnetic ink is used), (3) Water Mark Detection, (4) Color Shifting Reflector,  (5) Micro-Printing Detection, and (6) Chemical Detector Pen.

UV FLUORESCENCE DETECTION (UV):  Real bills, under ultraviolet rays, usually absorb the UV light and show special marks made with fluorescent ink.  Most counterfeit bills will reflect the UV light and a sensor on the FDP-100 will activate a sonic alarm.

MAGNETISM DETECTION (MG):  Many bills use magnetic ink as security against counterfeiters.  Rub the magnetic areas of the bill against the magnetic head of the FDP-100.  The LED light will indicate if there is magnetism in that specific area.

WATERMARK DETECTION (WM):  To protect bills or certain documents against counterfeiters, the use of watermarks and special plastic or metallic lines are very common.  To reproduce these special lines and watermarks in the right position and with clarity is almost impossible for counterfeiters.

COLOR SHIFTING REFLECTOR (CS):  This device will help you to verify if the ink used in the lower right hand corner of the front of the bill has the color shifting property.  The metal reflector will show change of color, from green to black or from black to green, depending on the angle on which it is viewed.

MICRO-PRINTING DETECTION (MP):  The magnifier will enable you to examine micro-printings and special marks on bills or documents.  These marks are extremely difficult to duplicate by counterfeiters.  Knowing the characteristics of the valuables to be examined will help you to decide whether it is authentic or counterfeit.

CHEMICAL DETECTION (CD) (PEN):  Using the Counterfeit Money Detector Pen, make a small mark on the bill.  If the mark stays light or clear, the currency passes the test.  If the mark gets dark, the currency is suspect.

Power source:  110V/60Hz
Ambient Temperature:   0 - 40°C
Relative Humidity:  85% or Less
Dimensions:  8" wide x 5-1/2" deep x 3" high
Weight:  Approx. 1-1/2 lbs. 

The Multi-Function Counterfeit Money Detection Machine is a very useful instrument to help detect counterfeit money, credit cards, most traveler's checks and special documents.

Multi-Function Counterfeit Money And Credit Card Detection Machine
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