MotionTeK Covert Video Camera

Motion Detector With Built-In Covert Video
Camera And DVR Totally Self-Contained And
Motion Activated! Easy Plug And Play Ability.

Removable Memory Card To Covertly Continue
Video Operations While You Take Today's
"Evidence" With You.

MSRP: $795.00 • Web Price $369.95

The SpyTek approved MotionTek Covert Video Camera System is completely self-contained. Hidden inside a motion detector is a covert video camera that records to a self-contained DVR that stores the video onto a memory card slot. MotionTeK is motion activated so the system only records covert video when it detects the presence of motion. Completely plug and play, this is a top choice for covert video recording operations in both the home or the office. You can use it as a nanny cam in the home or use it to protect your office. Know when employees come and go. Know exactly who was and how was not in an office. With one GB memory card, MotionTek will record up to 6 hours of video recording and the system will only record when human activity is present. You can then quickly remove the memory card, place in another one and carry the covert video evidence you have to your computer for uploading. Nothing could be more simple to use and you can set this totally self contained system up in a matter of minutes!


•• Totally Self Contained Covert Video System
• • Built In DVR that records to a removable memory card
• • Motion activated so it only records when humans are detected
• • Easy and quick to set up for any covert video operation
• • Re moveable evidence card lets you continue video operations with extra cards
• • Completely Covert-only you know this is a video camera

Camera Specifications:

•• Modes: Digital video recorder
• • IR Detect confine:10M
• • Image sensor:1/3 color c-mos camera
• • Video fame rate:20fps
• • File formats: AVI input
• • External memory: SD Card (Any SD Card will work)
• • Lens: Fixed Micro Lens
• • Card full display: Auto" Play modes: Computer , Monitor, & Television play back
• • Operating System: Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
• • Power supply: DC 5Volts

•• " H 5" W 3 ¾ Top 1 ½" Bottom 1"

Don't delay on obtaining this new generation completely self contained system as this is new market introductory pricing that will be going up. One of the most popular covert video self contained systems on the market today. Get your MotionTeK today, and start your covert video operations tomarrow!

MotionTeK Covert Video Camera
Mitrion Detector With Built-In Covert Video Camera And DVR
Totally Self-Contained And Motion Activated
MSRP: $795.00 Your Cost Only $369.95



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