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Hand Held Multifunctional
TSCM Countermeasures Sweep unit

• 100 Hz to 3.5 GHz
• Lazer Tap protection 250 Hz-5KHz
• RF Sweep Mode
• Telephone Interface And Telco Mode
• Audio Jammer Function
• Verification Mode

WAS: $895.00


New Portable Countermeasures Sweep Unit That Does It ALL!

MULTITek- RF Bug Detector-Telephone Line Tester-Audio Jammer-
Wireless Camera Detector - GPS Car Tracking Detector- And Audio Jammer With Verification Mode Built Into One New Generation Portable Unit!

If you are tired of all the low end countermeasures gear on the market, you'll just LOVE this! Here is a new generation small portable multifunction unit that has all the functions of the big expensive units costing thousands of dollars more! It's all here! You get a wide-range and fast sweeping RF function for quickly finding bugs, a telephone sweep function for sweeping a telephone line for finding wiretaps, a verification function to quickly verify a bug or wiretap and an audio jamming function that lets you use the unit as an audio jammer. The hand-held multifunctional sweep unit allows the user to perform sweeps just like the larger units but now with more functions and portability. This new generation hand detector unit allows you to sweep for wireless tapping devices, wireless hidden cameras (CCTV), laser taps, phone line tap detection including internet and IP phones, real-time vehicle trackers and everything else under the sun and it's all built into one small compact unit. It's ease of operation along with its small size make this one touch button sweep unit perfect for professional TSCM/countermeasures performance in any situation where sweeps are needed and security must be controlled.


  • RF Bug Sweep Function
  • Telephone Line Sweep Function
  • White Noise Audio Jamming Function
  • Verification Function
  • Wireless HIdden Camera Sweep Ability
  • GPS vehicle Tracker Detection Ability


  • Detection of wireless tapping
  • Sensitivity: 20dB
  • Frequency range: 100Hz-3.5 GHz
  • Laser tap detection
  • 360 degree wavelength 850 – 1,050nm
  • Laser tap protection:
  • Frequency range: 250Hz – 5KHz
  • 10 step color LED indication
  • 9 Volt battery
  • Detection mode 16 to 18 hours
  • Laser tap protection mode 8 to 10 hours when used continuously
  • AC adapter


  • Hand held detection unit
  • Telephone interface
  • Ear phones
  • AC adapter
  • CD
  • Carry Case


  • 2 1/4" X 5" X 1"

The new generation state-of-the art MULTItek will serve you well at a fraction of the cost and size of other professional countermeasures packages. We know you will love the ease of use, high end features and amazing performance of this unit. right now, you can obtain this state-of-the-art new generation countermeasures unit at an amazing price so get yours now.


High End - MULTItek
Hand Held Multifunctional TSCM Sweep Unit!
WAS: $895.00

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