"The Way We Conduct Surveillance Is About To Change"

By Ralph D. Thomas

It's already starting to appear in the marketplace! So long limited range bumper beepers and good-bye surveillance reports revealing a lost tail. And say hello to your computer that now has the ability to give you a computer printout of on-the-hour locations of your subject for a presurveillance check. What is all of this new technology all about? How does it work?

Automatic Vehicle Tracking (AVL) is making it's premier in the private sector. The idea of AVL combined computer technology with satellite tracking technology developed by the U.S. Military commonly known as GPS (Global Positioning Satellite). This type of surveillance system calls for the following four elements:

Transmitter - An electronic transmitter that sends out signals from the vehicle.

Satellite - A Global positioning satellite that obtains signals from the transmitter devise placed on the vehicle. The use of only one satellite will give an accuracy rating of about 100 feet. This can be improved by using triangulation math which uses three satellites and gives more pinpointed accuracy down to about ten meters.

Receiver - A receiver that obtains the data from the satellite.

Decoder - A decoder that converts the data received into an address. The location information which is generally in latitude and longitude. Computer generated map plotting programs are used to convert the latitude and longitude readings into an address on a computer generated digital map.

Investigative Benefits
The benefits of this new technology in surveillance is profound. By using this technology, an actual physical surveillance by a human is not needed in many instances. When the goal of a surveillance is to determine physical location only, this technology can be employed. The transmitter is simply covertly placed on the target vehicle. A computer program is used to collect location data at predetermined intervals. After a few days, the investigator simply has the computer print out the location data of the target vehicle. Of course, this technology will not make human activity in physical surveillance obsolete for obvious reasons any more than online searching made background investigation obsolete.

Aside from remote monitoring of target location, this technology can also be used as a more conventional bumper beeper system. Anyone who has used a conventional vehicle tracking surveillance system understands that the range is limited. The advantage to this technology of course is that your range widens globally.

There are some limitations and disadvantages to this technology. Transmissions can sometimes be blocked by obstacles from the target vehicle to the satellite and from the satellite back to the receiver. Mountainous areas and areas with tall buildings can sometimes cause problems.

Some of the police departments already using this technology are:

The Schaumburg, Illinois, Police Department
Michigan State Police
California Highway Patrol

Up until a year or so ago, this type of technology has been out of reach to the average private investigative agency because of the costs involved. However, things are changing. PinPoint Tacking has developed the first state of the art global tracking surveillance system for private industry use with moderate pricing.

One company that has developed a surveillance tracking unit using all this new technology is

PinPoint Surveillance Solutions, 1995
Global Satellite Tracking For Surveillance
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