A Field Training And Legal Manual
By Ralph Thomas
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This field training manual, legal reference guide and computer resource disk hands you the latest tips, strategies and techniques on conducting a field surveillance assignment from pre-surveillance activity to writing the final report.

From the manual you'll discover:

• Stakeout secrets and strategies that will help you
remain on a stakeout undetected.

• Tailing techniques that prevent the loss of the subject.

• How to legal proof your surveillance so it will stand up in a court of law.

• How to avoid the major pitfalls of surveillance.

• The latest cutting-edge surveillance equipment.

• Thing you should do and things you should not do.

• The Basic equipment you'll need.

• Photography tips and techniques that help you record the evidence.
Basic legal principles of surveillance.

• Amazing Techniques that keep you cool in the summer time and warm
in the winter.

• Legal Aspects Of Surveillance Evidence

• Tips for both domestic and insurance surveillances


Containing the very latest information on methods, techniques, strategies, legal principles and technology, this surveillance field guide is brimming with the information you need.

Table Of Contents Include:

Subject Outline:

• Introduction
• Observation and Recording of Details
• Documenting Proper Descriptions
• Identification Of People, Places and Things
• The Positive Identification
• The Pre-Surveillance Check
• The Background Investigation For Surveillance
• Stakeout Techniques And Strategies
• Tailing Techniques And Strategies
• Surveillance Diagrams
• Dos and Don'ts Of Surveillance
• Legal Aspects Of Evidence And The Surveillance
• Technical Aspects Of Photography
• Surveillance Report Writing
• Entrapment Issues
• Trash Archeology
• Video Camera Technology
• Binocular And Image Magnification Technology
• Night Vision Technology
• Summer And Winter Surveillance Tips
• The Quantum Leaps In Surveillance Technology
• Video/telephone Remote Surveillance
• Computer Surveillance
• Insurance fraud Red Flags
• Other Surveillance Resources
The Surveillance Computer Disk

• Software you can download
• Video camera desktop software
• Computer use monitoring software
• Other surveillance related software
• Aids and resources on the Internet You'll use
• Newsgroups, Forums And Mailing Lists On Surveillance

This manual helps you maximize your surveillance skills and technology and minimize your risks on the actual operation. Bringing you the latest techniques, strategies and technology, this is is must have manual for anyone who conducts legal surveillance or wants to develop the skills and knowledge to do so. 8 1/2 X 11, 120 pages.


A Field Training And Legal Manual
By Ralph Thomas
Ebook Only $18.95

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