MSRP: $795.00 Current Discounted Web Pricing: $379.95

Just Released !
• The New CCD Micro CamCorder World Wonder!
• Up To 16 Mega Pixel Resolution! • 8X Zoom • 8 In One Functions!
• Tiny! 4/ 1/4 X 2 1/4 x X 1 inches! Use As A DVR With Other Cameras!
• Special Surveillance Night Shot And Multi-Snap Features!
• Surveillance Stabilizing Feature Captures Evidence On The Go!

PI Black CamTeK Camcorder
A New Revolution In High-End CCD Multi-Function 8 in 1 Camcorder And Tiny DVR!

Even Has Remote Control And DVR Functions!
It's The New World Wonder In High End CCD Multifunctional Camcorders!

• High End CCD Camcorder
• 8 X Zoom
• 16 MP digital still camera
• MP3/WMA digital audio player
• Voice recorder
• SD/MMC card reader
• Portable DVR
• Remote Control
• 2.5 Inch Swivel Screen
• Tiny! - 4/ 1/4 X 2 1/4 x X 1 inches!

Nothing like this has ever been offered in the market place before in this micro size! We have featured a lot of digital camcorders in the past but nothing like this! The end results, massive features and user friendliness of PI Black CamTEK is simply amazing. It's quickly being hailed as the new world wonder in the small higher end digital camera market place! PI Black CamTeK is a high end CCD camcorder with 8-in-1 functions in a very micro size. PI Black CamTeK features a sleek new tiny design with a super bright high resolution 2.5 inch LCD display. With it's 8 X zoom feature you can capture and record those important surveillance moments in a breeze! With it's Night Shot Mode, you can shoot stills and video in very low light night-time conditions. With it's image stabilizer, you don't have to worry about jerks and movement and capture your evidence on the go! It's micro tech size is a mere 4.25 X 2.25 X 1 inches. With high-quality MPEG4 compression, you can store over 4 hours of video on a 1GB SD/MMC card or 8 hours on a 2 GB SD/MMC. PI Black CamTeK also features a 16 MP digital still camera, MP3/WMA digital audio player, voice recorder, SD/MMC card reader, and PC webcam or use it as a DVR by letting other third-party cameras plug into it. High end PI Black CamTeK comes with a full one year warranty. It's the most advanced Camcorder of it's size on the market with special features for your surveillance needs! Take a look at these amazing features and specs!

• Massive Functions Include:

• • • Digital Video Camcorder
• • • Digital Still Camera
• • • Digital Audio Recorder
• • • MP3 Music Player
• • • Portable Media Player
• • • PC Webcam
• • • USB Storage Device (32 MB built-in memory)
• • • Video Recorder
• • • DVR (plug other cameras into it for digital recording)

• Highly Advanced Surveillance Features:

• • • In Video Or Still Photo Mode Activate Night Shot Feature For Night Time Conditions
• • • In Still Photo Mode Activate Mutli-Snap To Take Five Rapid-Fire Stills
• • • In Video Or Still Photo Mode Activate Stabilization To Reduce Shaking
• • •
In Video Or Still Photo Mode Activate Backlight When Background Is Much Brighter
• • • With Extra Plug Input, Use As A Digital Video Recorder With Third Party Cameras
• • •
In Review Mode Quickly Review Video Or Still Photo Evidence You Obtained.
• • •
Fast USB Download And Recharging While Connected to Computer
• • • Remote Control For Covert Action As Stationary Video Or Still Camera


• Display: 2,5" LTPS LCD Display, 270° rotatable
• Image Sensor: 5 Mega Pixel CCD, Interpolating Adjustment up to 16 Mega Pixels
• Video Resolution:
• • • VGA 640 x 480, 30 fps
• • • QVGA 320 x 240, 30fps
• High Image Resolution: Amazing Interpolating Adjustments up to 16 Mega Pixels!
• • • 3856 x 2892 (11 Mega Pixels)
• • • 2592 x 1944 (5 Mega Pixels)
• • • 1600 x 1200 (2 Mega Pixels)
• Digital Zoom: 8x
• Focus Range: Normal 140 cm to infinity; Portrait 70 cm to 140 cm; Macro 20cm
• White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Flourescent, Tungsten
• Flash: Auto / Off
• Still Image Effect: 4 modes (Normal, Black & White, Classic, Solarized
• Self Timer: 10 second delay
• Internal Memory: 32 MB Flash Memory, 16 MB for Storage
• External Memory: SD/MMC (up to 1G)
• Interface: Mini USB 2.0 Port, Video In/Out, Earphone (3.5mm), Built-in speaker and microphone
• TV in: Yes
• TV Out: Yes (Video: NTSC / PAL; Audio: Stereo)
• Storage Media: Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia (MMC) Cards
• Still Image Format: JPEG
• Video File Format: MPEG4 (ASF)
• Digital Audio Format: MP3, WAV
• USB type: USB 2.0 mass storage
• Dimensions (cm): 109 x 70 x 32
• Weight: 157g (without battery)
• Color: Black
• Included Remote Control
• Battery: Long Lasting NP60 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (1100mAH)

• Package Includes:

• • • Muti-function 8 In 1 CCD High End Camcorder
• • • AC Adapter (100-240V)
• • • NP60 Li-ion Battery
• • • USB cable
• • • AV cable
• • • Quick Guide
• • • Software CD
• • • Earphone
• • • Strap
• • • Pouch
• • • Remote Control
• • • One Year Warranty

With it's high resolution CCD camera, night vision feature, stabilizing feature, rapid five shot feature 8 X zoom and a whole lot more, PI Black CamTeK is a cut way above the run of the mill tiny digital camcorders on the market place today and we know you will be delighted with it's end results and massive user friendly 8 in 1 functions and advanced features. This high end tiny camcorder is selling for $795.00 or more in high end retail stores but it's yours for a fraction of that cost! Get your new revolution high end digital surveillance camcorder world wonder today and solve your instant video, still shot and audio recording problems with a breeze! Once you start using it, you will wonder how you got along without this small world wonder all that time!

PI Black CamTeK Camcorder And Tiny DVR
The New Revolution In High-End CCD Multi-Functional 8 in 1 Camcorder
MSRP: $795.00 Current Discounted Web Pricing: $379.95


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