KGB 7 X Spy Palm Monocular
It took eight lens, three prisms, many trys and several years to come up with a palm-sized 7X covert spy monocular for the KGB and this is the amazing results. The unit folds down so it can be palmed in the hand and easily opened for covert surveillance. This was once secret standard issue equipment to KGB spies for covert spying and surveillance. Top quality and superior viewing results give you a truely micro spying scope with powerful seven times magnification. The power and clarity is just amazing. Designed to be palmed in your hand to take a peek when no one is watching, it's the ultimate spy scope for covert surveillance and your the only one that will ever know you have anything in your hand. Designed for quick open and quick foldup so you can take your look quickly and then fold the tiny scope back down to palm in your hand or put away in your pocket. Once restricted to KGB agents.