JJ Armes My American Hero! By Ralph Thomas

Photos: Right: More Recent Photo Of Jay J. Armes, Most Famous PI In The World
Center: First Edition Of Jay Armes Book (Signed) Left: Photo Of JJ With The President And VP

I can remember reading Jay J. Armes Investigator, the book in the late 1960's or early 1970's. In fact, how could I ever forget it! It was a paperback version but today I own a first edition signed hardback copy I would not sell for all the money in the world. JJ was an inspiration to me more than anyone else. He's my hero. Only 12 years old, JJ had both of his hands blown off while he was playing with firecrackers. He went on to play a TV role on Hawaii Five-O but decided that real investigative work was what he wanted to do. Based in El Paso, Texas, JJ has become the world's most famous private investigator.

Photo On Left: JJ at target practice in his home. On right: JJ in his office.

From Left To Right:
JJ Armes with Ben Harroll helping with the PI Museum at the Vegas Super Conference 2006
JJ Armes with Client Marlon Brando shortly after returning his kidnapped son to him.
JJ Armes with Jack Lord of Hawaii 5-O. Jay J Armes played as an actor on the TV program.

As a private investigator, JJ Armes client list reads like a who's who of the rich and famous. Some of has clients have included Howard Huges, Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. While on assignment for Marlon Brando, he found and rescured his abducted son. If it was not for the inspiration provided by JJ, I doubt very seriously if I would have become a private investigator and would never have published any books. This web site, The Spy And Private-Eye Museum would not be around and neither would NAIS.

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Ralph Thomas, 2006