Nick was born on the south side of Chicago on February 2, 1882. His father, Charles H. Harris, was the founder of the Chicago Daily News. After relocating to Los Angeles, before 1890, Nick followed in his father's journalistic footsteps and secured a position as a police reporter for The Los Angeles Times. As a reporter, he was credited for solving many of the most notorious crimes in California at the turn-of-the-century.

At the suggestion of Los Angeles Police department captain, A.J. Bradish, he joined the department. Two years later, in 1906, Nick left the department and moved into the private sector founding the Nick Harris Detective Agency. (The same year of the San Francisco earthquake that reduced two thirds of San Francisco to rubble). The following year, the Nick Harris Professional Detective School was founded. Today our training facility is the world's oldest detective academy.

Nick Harris had a national radio program prior to the birth of television. The show, titled "Why Crime Doesn't Pay", aired locally on KFI, a station still in operation in Los Angeles. On KFI's golden anniversary they remembered Nick Harris as "the front runner of today's who-done-its".

Our founder was also the author of two best selling books. One was named "Why Crime Doesn't Pay" after his radio show and the other was titled "In the Shadows, Thirty Detective Stories."

The Nick Harris Detective Agency has solved many of the most baffling criminal cases in California.