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I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your kind letter, and for the many lessons learned through your books. I recently retired from the Navy as an Investigator and currently work as an asset protection agent for Sears Roebuck & Co. Ramon L. Jones
Congratulations on the best page I've found yet!
Donnie Lupo

I wish to thank you for your prompt and professional service.I run a Private Investigators training course here in Sydney and have found the news articles invaluable for my students, not only do they benefit from the experience of other Investigators around the world but it gives them new ideas and insights into the industry. I must say that I also find them beneficial.
Johan Erlandsson
Elementary Investigations Pty Ltd
Sydney Australia

Thank you very much for your help, I think your organization is one of the best in the Nation. If I can be of any assistance in the future, please contact me.
Greg Castagnola
Castagnola & Associates

You never cease to amaze me with your continuous offerings of very interesting and relevent materials. I feel like I found a gold mine when I discovered you and NAIS. Keep up the great work.
Steve Pitonyak, L.P.I.,Vermont (Steve Pitonyak)

Ralph Thomas and NAIS have advanced the learning of PIs more than any one other source we can name. Has anyone else ever made virtually every investigative book available from one source? He is an excellent source for PIs everywhere, from beginner to veteran. His posts might mention books sometimes, but he also compiles a lot of valuable data that answers a lot of our questions. .....those of us with nation-wide practices have often benefitted from his work without ever thanking him. So, please allow this to be my "Thank You".
Respectfully, John Grogan
Gold Star Investigations/Los Angeles

To my colleagues, friends and associates. If you are not a member of the NAIS, you are sitting in the last row behind all competition. Regardless of how long you have been in the pi business, if you aren't a member of Ralph's NAIS, you're missing out tremendously, on you're future. I rarely endorse a company or association, but Ralph's NAIS is one that you can take to the bank.
Dan Hodge,CEO
D.A.H. Investigative Consultants- OH - KY - FL - UK
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I am a member of NAIS and I'd like to let you know what a good job you've done in organizing NAIS and putting the whole Internet thing together for our industry.
Keith T McGraw
Legal Research Group

As a new member with NAIS, I would like to relay to you that I have been very impressed by the information that I have gained through this organization and Thomas Publications.
Les Hogue
DAY By DAY Investigations
Washington, MO 63090

You have a lot of what I need to know.
Arthur Frank,

What Others Say About NAIS

In my investigative career, I have traveled to nearly every location in the United States and many different countries. I work with other investigators, law enforcement agencies, foreign governments, banking institutions, bail bondsmen and insurance companies and everywhere I go, I see NAIS members, NAIS plaques on walls, books and manuals written by Ralph Thomas and other authors published by his Thomas Publications. When I am a guest speaker at conventions or attend seminars I meet a lot of people who didn't have to turn to the "Rockford Files" to learn the business, they turned to Ralph Thomas. They read his books and manuals, called him for advice, joined NAIS; and today their success can be traced back to Ralph Thomas.
David A. Mollision
Author, Modern Day Bounty Hunter

Thanks for all of your support throughout the years. I hope you have a tremendous 1997, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.
Bob Mackowiak
Publisher, PI Magazine Please continue your evolutationary approaches.

I am pleased to find such a comperhensive source of information on my profession.
John P. Bry, PI

Your site is the best PI pages for working PIs I have found thus far.
William Losefsky, PI

EXCELLENT! Keep up the good work.
Edward Harmon, private investigator, St. Louis

I have learned so much from the material I have recieved.
Dianna T. Booher, informatrion broker

So far I think everything is great--keep up the good work.
Garner Wilcox, NAIS member, Alabama
Very impressive so far.
Stan Torres, MI

It meets a serious need for the PI Profession.
John Charcho, Captain, Ben Limond

The PI Profession needs more of this kind of stuff.
John F. Syphri, Private Investigator, Arlington Tx.

Thank you very much for your help. I'm very appreciative. It may well be the first step in a new direction for me.
I think you have a great tool here.
James Hunt

Thank you for an asweomely informative site and service!
Ron Mayhew,

I was quite pleased to stumble across your www pages and have spent a pleasurable time checking them out. I am impressed and have just joined NAIS.
Stephen Bloch,
Carmel Valley, Ca.

Hats off to another fine Newsletter Ralph. Excellent, just excellent.
Dan Hodge,CEO
D.A.H. Investigative Consultants

What Others Say About NAIS

"I haven't run across a website that is more informed. It should prove to be a valuable tool for us," Karen Salmond-Sheriff's Department

Dynomite web links that will heep you happy all day -thanks for your lettest letter and books. Scott Malcolm:

Ralph, speaking for myself and I am sure others-------thank you for being so generous
with your time and knowledge to share your information with others.
Tom Mcdonald <>
As always, you are an invaluable resource of information.... cheers!
James Leonard

I've been spending a lot of time reading PI related traffic and find that there is a great respect for you in this business.
Craig Dimitroff

This site is excellent. I learn useful information that helps me in my job as a Deputy Sheriff.
Steve Garland

What Others Say About NAIS

After reviewing your December newsletter, we formed an opinion that we need to come on line with your recommendation. Today has been very interesting in that I have lost many hours just setting here in amazement on what lays before on the internet. Thanks for opneing my eyes.
Mitchell F. Barnes
Centurion Professional Services, Inc.

Wish I knew about this site three months ago.
John Gibson
Bronxville, New York

What a great place this is to visit!
Joanne Sullivan
Sebring, Florida
I've learnd a tremendous amount through the information I have come accross via your pages and
it has been and will continue to be an invaluable resource. Thanks so much.
Mary Johnson

Really enjoyed your newsletter. Very informative.

Thanks so are my inspiration!
Ronald A. Kern, President
Shadow Trackers Investigative Services