Ultra Compact Internet Accessible DVR System
with 4 Hi-Res Outdoor CCD Night Vision Color Cameras and 320GB HDD

All-in-One Video Security Package
The SENTINEL1 is Defender’s do-it-yourself, ultra compact internet-accessible DVR system. It has a built-in LCD screen and comes with four indoor/outdoor hi-res night vision cameras, which make it a complete security solution to protect your assets and loved ones. The package comes with everything you need to set the system up and running (requires router for Internet viewing).

Record for over 80 Days
This system records up to 80 continuous days of video with its 320GB Seagate hard drive (1 fps). Seagate® SV35.2 Series™ hard drives are the industry’s first drives designed specifically for digital video surveillance systems. The drives are equipped with features to optimize performance, save power and improve reliability, making them ideally suited for handling digital video.

View Online with Free Dynamic DNS Service
In addition to recording, the SENTINEL1 allows you to monitor your property remotely, from any internet-enabled PC, anywhere in the world! Simply plug the DVR into your home or business network and set up a secure online account with the DVR. To view your DVR, just sign in with your user name and password, and you will have full access and control. You can view your live cameras, watch recorded footage, and more, all through your web browser. You can always access the SENTINEL1 through the Defender-USA web site. (Must have existing Internet connection).


Watch This You Tube Video
Of Criminals caught In The
Act. Just Click On Graphics
On The Left. It Shows
The Break-In And Theft Of
An Office Building With
The Criminals Caught
Red Handed!

We’ll Get you Online
Setting up your internet connection is easy, but if you do require help, Defender support reps have the ability to configure your DVR and computer settings via a remote desktop program. With your permission, our support reps can access and take control of your computer during the setup process to troubleshoot and help guide you through the remainder of the setup.

Little DVR with a BIG Picture
The SENTINEL1 is compact and discreet (smaller than a toaster), making it easy to hide out of sight in a closet or cupboard. Don’t let the small size fool you; the front of the DVR is dominated by a large 7-inch LCD screen, which provides a clear, true-to-life picture. The LCD on/off button lets you turn the screen off to save energy when not in use. This is ideal for areas such as retail stores, where protecting the location of the surveillance system is essential.

Fast and Easy Set-up YOU Can Do Yourself
This system is extremely user-friendly and you can have it up and running in a matter of minutes. Everything is plug and play, eliminating the need to hire a professional installer. The auto-start recording feature ensures that the SENTINEL1 will automatically begin recording as soon as you plug it in.

SENTINEL 1 : Ultra Compact Internet Accessible DVR System
with 4 Hi-Res Outdoor CCD Night Vision Color Cameras and 320GB HDD
MSRP Sale Price: $1599.00 Your Cost Only $1034.99




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