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In Loving Memory Checkers Thomas, NAIS Mascot
Checkers Thomas passed away of kidney and liver failure at 4:18 PM on March 21st, 2007. She was a very special companion of Ralph Thomas for 14 years. Checkers was always by Ralph's side. In the room where Ralph works, Checkers had her own special pillow she would set on while Thomas toiled away on his computer or talked on the phone. In the living room was another special checkers pillow she had while Ralph and Barbara watched TV. She also had her own special place and pillows inside the cabin on the Private-Eye, Thomas's boat.

New! PV900FHD Invisible Secrets/DVR Covert Video Camera from LawMate!

New! PV900FHD Invisible Secrets/DVR Covert Video Camera from LawMate!

PV50HD From Lawmate- Covert VIdeo At It's Best!

Tiny! PV50HD LawMate Black Box DVR- With Built In Camera - 2.75 X 1.5 X .50 Inches

PV50 LawMate DVR Black Box -Covert Video At It's Best

Tiny! PV50 LawMate Black Box DVR- 2.75 X 1.5 X .50 Inches
Great For Bodywear Or Stationary Covert Video Applications


World's Smallest HD Digital Camera

MiniCam From LawMate PI CamStick From LawMate

Hd Key Chain Video Recorder from LawMate WDR Keychain Video Recorder from LawMate

WonderCam -World's Smallest Spy Camera/DVR With Screen

Night Watch Stealth Covert Video/DVR HD Pen

Digital Binocular Camera MultiTask Cam/DVR

Waterproof Watch Camera/DVR PI PenTek Video/Still Camera Covert DVR

Covert Video Thermos LawMate Eyeglass/Sunglass Covert Video Camera

Night Watch Stealth Covert Video/DVR Necklace Watch/Covert Video

PV900 From LawMate PV500evo By LawMate

Replay HD Video Camera HD Fountain Pen Camera/DVR

Zoom Camcorder Camcorder HD

LawMate Grade Stationary Covert Video
We are proud to offer a new LawMate Grade line of stationary covert video products with built in DVRs that are the smallest and most unique types of covert video recording systems in the industry! No one can develop them like LawMate Can! From the Wafer-thin new line we call Stick-Its, to other stationary covery video systems built into very SMALL common items, LawMate has become the world-class choice of the professional.

LawMate On/Off Swtich Covert Video System
LawMate Icharger Covert Video System
LawMate Cord Camera/DVR Covert Video System
LawMate Electrocial Outlet Covert Camera/DVR
LawMate Adapter/DVR Covert Video
NightFox Outdoor Three Year Covert Video/DVR

pv500lite With Free Button Camera Kit!

Mini Watch DVR With Covert Video And Covert Still Shot Camera
Time And Date Stamping! 2 GB Of Memory Up To 2 Hours Video Recording Time


Your Choice Of Black Or Gold Lighter

The new generation Lighter DVR with built in camera is just the thing for covert video. Just think about
what you could do with this! Inside this regular looking lighter is a hidden color camera and 4GB of internal
memory. This tiny camera has 640 x 480 video resolution and can be used in many applications from
meetings, conferences, interviews and you can also use it as a flash drive. Discrete portable and easy to use!
One button record on/off anyone can learn to use in 30 seconds!


PowerCord Cam

In Stock Now
ChargeIt Covert DVR/Cam
Lawmate Brand Law Enforcement Grade
Stationary Covert Video Will Never Be The Same Again

Two Models To Pick From:
Advanced Model: High Resolution With Motion Activation
Ultra Advanced Model: High Definition, Motion Activation And External Camera Plug
Optional Lawmate Brand Covert Cord Cam

It looks like a regular every day AC Adapter you plug into the wall but that is not what it is. This high grade covert video
camera has a DVR and hidden camera built right into it with motion activation, The Ultra Advanced Model has true High
Definition, Time And Date Stamping and an extra plug for a second camera such as our covert cord plug camera that looks like a normal cord. Since the unit plugs into the wall and it powered in this manner, there is no need to worry about battery drain since this high grade unit is powered through the normal eclectic outlet. It just sets there and looks like an AC Adopter but only you know what it really it.

CanCam - DVR Within a Soda Can

PV500 HD Button Cam!

Just Released!


What's New In Covert Video

Micro Video And Pinhole Video Cameras

Covert Video Cameras Built Into All
Kinds Of Stuff
Bodywear Covert Video Cameras-
Cameras You Wear Or Covertly Carry
Tiny Bullet And Weatherproof Cameras New! PI Portable Kits Of All Kinds!
Portable Mini Digital Video Recorders Access Video Off The Net From Anywhere
NEW! - Portable Video Digital Storage Complete Video Monitoring Systems
Camcorders & Still Digital Cameras NEW! - CyberEye Digital Cameras
Total Digital Video Cameras & Gear Video Recorders
Quad Systems And Processors Simulated Video Cameras
Special Operations Video Video Camera Detection Gear
Other Surveillance Aids And Optics Surveillance Training Aids

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Spy Exchange & Security Center
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When In Austin, Texas--Stop By Our Huge Showroom

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