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See Behind-You Surveillance Sunglasses

These spy glasses look like an ordinary pair of high fashion sun glasses. Yet they have a unique feature...you can see behind you. The lenses on these spy glasses have a special coating that allows you to look straight ahead and still see what is going on behind you. These handsome designer sunglasses are a great surveillance aid since you can look straight ahead but see behind you!

New Generation Reverse Peephole Viewer And Camera Lens
Law Enforcement Grade! Higher Quality And Lower Price!

This high quality high end scope device is designed for reversing a regular door viewer which would let the user such as law enforcement or bail recovery see behind a closed door to scope out a situation inside a room silently before entering. On special operations, in case a door does not already have a peephole viewer, one is included for installing.

Secret Advantage Writing Self Defense Pen!
High Impact Pepper Spray Built Into Working Pen With Instant Thumb-Pop-Top! This great law enforcement grade self defense spray assures you that you hav protection when you need it! It's built right into a high quality working pen!
Secret Advantage Top Quality
Self Defense Lipstick Pepper Spray!
Concealed Pepper Spray With UV Marker In Quality Lipstick Case! Top flilght high quality secret advantage self defense spray you will want to always have with you!

Disappearing Ink Pens

Here is a state-of-the-art ink pens that will magically disappear after about 48 hours, without leaving a trace of what you wrote. Sensitive notes can be taken today and you can be assured that the sensitive and confidential material will be gone in a couple of days

Super StunGun Combo
In 25 years in business, we have seen a lot of stun guns come and go but nothing compares to the quality of this one! Made of high quality ABS engineered plastic, this unit functions as a very powerful high voltage (200K) shock generator and a  extremely bright flashlight in a very small and light weight package.

Stationary Covert Video! Bodywear Covert Video Pocket Digital Video Recorder
Micro Pinhole Cameras GPS Tracking Digital Audio Recorders
Countermeasures Gear Digital Spy Cameras Sound Amplification
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