Just Released!
SpyTek Black MultiCam

Why Get Just A High Resolution 6.0 Mega Pixel Pocket Digital Camera When You
Can Have All Digital Evidence Gathering And Media Functions Into One Small Unit

If someone like James Bond himself was to select a digital camera we believe that this one would likely be the one! That's because it goes way beyond the run-of-the-mill high mega pixel digital camera. It is also a video camcorder, a multi media player, a digital video recorder in which you can plug other external cameras into, an MP3/MP4 player and a small audio recorder all built into one savvy and tiny black intelligence gathering high tech unit. Aside from excellent high resolution photographic and video evidence you can gather with this baby, you can use as it your personal media and entertainment center when not on the investigative job!

• Rechargeable battery
••• (Fully charged: The unit will run 2 1/2 hours with screen on, 3 hours with screen off)
• JPG picture format
• Built in speaker and microphone
• SD/MM card slot supports up to 1GB (will record up to 2 1/2 hours)
• 128 MB built in memory (records up to 40 minutes of video)
• 2.5 inch TFT screen
• TV/Video in / out
• 6M pixels CMOS sensor
• 4 times digital zoom
• 10 second self timer
• 1⁄2 - 1/1000 second shutter speed
• Automatic exposure
• Automatic white balance

Special Features And Functions
• High Grade Intelligence Gathering Digital Still Shot Camera
• High Grade Video Camcorder Built right Into Unit
• High Grade Digital Video Micro Pocket Recorder You Can Plug Other Cameras Into
• High Definition High Resolution TFT Screen
• Movie And MP4 Player
• Audio And MP3 Player
• Built In Voice Recorder
• Digital Photo Frame Display With Browsing
• Portable Evidence Video Player
• Built In Games To Play
• Built In Calendar
• Plug Into TV and Play Movies, Browse Photos
• Download Recordings From TV
• Removeable SD Cards Up TO 1 GB
• Black Operations Covert Color

• Media Player
• USB cable
• Rechargeable battery
• RCA in / out cables
• Ear buds
• AC adapter
• External battery charger
• Extra battery
• Hand Strap
• Carry case
• Manual
• Software

• Micro Pocket Sized! 4 Inches long X 2.5 Inches wide X 1/2 Inch Thick

This item is perfect for body worn applications, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. She's is a must have with the built in digital camera function for video and still pictures for any investigator. You'll be simply amazed with the digital photos and video results you'll obtain and it's price to fly out the door so get yours today before they are sold out!

SpyTek Black MultiCam
MSRP $369.95 Your Cost Only $238.95

1 GB SD card for DVR:One Card $69.95, 3 Cards Only $59.95 each


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