What to Do Before a Violent Incident; What to Do When the Violence Explodes
 by Loren Christensen

Do you work with someone who is unusually angry, antisocial, quick to take offense? If so, you need to know that this person may be a ticking time bomb, capable of horrific acts of violence in response to some stressful situation or perceived insult. Until now, all books on workplace violence have covered the psychology of the perpetrator – interesting background information for academics, but of little help when the sound of gunfire erupts in your office and you need to know what to do right now.
Surviving Workplace Violence fills this void by providing you with solid information that will keep you off the ever-growing list of victims of violent incidents on the job. Within these pages you will learn

How to recognize the warning signs in a coworker’s behavior that typically precede a violent act
How to monitor suspect workers and interact with them on a daily basis
How to analyze your immediate workspace and your overall work environment beforehand for escape routes, hiding places and barricade positions
What to expect in an actual incident: gunfire, screams, disbelief and panic
How to react quickly, decisively and safely when violence explodes
Making the decision to fight back when you can’t escape or hide, and how to best neutralize an attacker whether he is armed with a gun, knife or other weapon
Surviving Workplace Violence answers the hard questions that company directives, magazine articles and other books leave out: exactly what you should do before a violent incident and what you should do if violence ever explodes where you work.

About The Author-
Loren Christensen began his law enforcement career in 1967 when he served in the army as a military policeman in the United States and in Vietnam. He joined the Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau in 1972 and retired in 1997. During those years, he specialized in street gangs, defensive tactics, dignitary protection and patrolling the bizarre streets of skid row. He now writes full time and teaches martial arts. $15.00 

What to Do Before a Violent Incident; What to Do When the Violence Explodes
 by Loren Christensen -5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, 120 pp.   $15.00

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