Tele-Monitor 2000
Enables you to discreetly listen in on your
premises via regular telephone lines from
any telephone in the world!

The Tele-Monitor 2000 is a very sophisticated audio monitoring device. Utilizing advanced logic-chip technology, it enables you to discreetly listen in on your premises via regular telephone lines from any telephone in the world. The Tele-Monitor 2000 requires no activating beeper or whistle, does not affect normal incoming and outgoing calls, and offers unprecedented capability and flexibility by allowing up to 4 units per line to be connected. It allows you to listen in on your premises with ease. The unit's sensitive microphone will pick up even a whisper up to 35 feet away. The Tele-Monitor 2000 requires a two-step user identity verification process before allowing monitoring access. It also has a "quick access" mode option for applications on a dedicated line. To monitor, just dial your phone number from any tone telephone, access the monitor, and then push the button on the phone corresponding to the area you wish to listen in on. You may "move" around the premises (if you have multiple units connected) as much as you desire - just push the number of the desired area and it instantly transfers monitoring to that zone. You can switch between areas as much as you like for as long as you like. Or, by pushing "5", you can monitor all areas simultaneously. The Tele-Monitor 2000 is a completely self-contained unit; no actual telephone is required for its operation. Equipped with modular plugs for instant connection to telephone jacks. Needs no batteries. Size: 3.5" x 5.5" x 1". For use on single-line telephone systems only. Specifications subject to change. WARNING: this device is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in compliance with all applicable laws and FCC regulations.

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