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Mini Car DVR Cam

This small car camera is the perfect covert surveillance item. Its designed to look like a BMW so it will fit in perfectly with either a car buffs collection or a childs toys. This is no toy however, it houses a fully functional color camera and DVR unit. This particular unit even features sound activation. And just to top it all off, the headlights actually work and in fact function as your indicator lights. The unit also comes with a suction cup stand that allows you to use your tiny car, as a car cam.


Evidence Kit 70277 - All-in-one investigation set
Includes 30X microscope, UV Blacklight, Flashlight, Mobile carry case, and 10 pc. fingerprint kit

Lie Detector Kit 70320

LED's light up when suspect isn't telling the truth
Touch fingers to sensors

Find out who's telling the truth - and who's not - by giving your suspect a lie detector test. Attach the sensor to your suspect's finger. Ask tough questions to really make 'em squirm. The indicator lights light up when your suspect isn't telling the truth. Busted!

Lazer Tripwire™ - NEW UPDATED VERSION!

High Tech-Security System!
The new Lazer Tripwire creates a field of invisible beams that can be arranged to guard rooms, people, objects – anything that needs protecting. The redesigned receiver and emitter pods can be set on various surfaces to form straight lines of invisible light that trigger an alarm if someone crosses through them.

Micro Spy Kit 70395
The Micro Spy Kit comes with four gadgets attached to a bandolier-styled utility belt for easy access and ultimate portability. The grappling hook features a magnetic claw to help you retrieve objects from a distance. Use the motion alarm to guard doorways or protect documents.

Spy Lazer Pen 70392

A must-have in every spy’s arsenal, the Lazer Pen is a writing utensil, telescope, flashlight and multi-colored silent communicator in one compact tool. The telescope swivels atop the pen, allowing you to see enemies approaching from a distance. The removable flashlight helps you navigate your way through darkness. Individual yellow, blue and red lenses stored in the center of the pen can be attached to the flashlight to narrow the beam, allowing you to project lazer-like signals onto any surface. Alert fellow agents to proceed with caution (yellow beam), freeze (blue beam), or abort their mission (red beam).


Spy Video Car VX6 70436
VX6 combines the best features of all of the Spy Video vehicles from the past six years. • The RC vehicle transmits live digital video to a color LCD screen on the remote. • See what’s going on wherever the car goes! • Drive the car into different rooms – it transmits through walls. • Drive in total darkness using infrared night vision

Capture Cam 70396
This pocket-sized digital camera contains an adjustable motion sensor and automatically takes pictures when it detects movement. Once the evidence is gathered, connect the camera to your computer using the included USB cord. Upload the photos and review them with the Spy Photo Lab editing software available for free download. The photo lab contains a collection of filters and frames that enable you to add special effects to your pictures.

Mission Field Kit 70376
Includes Spy Wallet, Spy Decoy Listener, and Spy Vision Glasses
This special field kit contains the spy tools you need for top secret field missions. Listen in on enemy conversations with the Spy Decoy Listener - it's disguised as a cell phone. Once you've heard the top secret details, send a coded message on special spy paper to your fellow agent so he can read it with the Decoder Scope. Gear up with the Spy Wallet (holds the Decoder Scope) and Spy Vision Glasses (Sunglasses with UV Protection) and launch your mission!

Night Spyer 70056
The Nightspyer lets you illuminate the night on your secret spy mission. Press a small button and a red tinted focused light beam allows you to see your target in the dark. The 2x power telescopic lens permits visibility up to 25 feet.

Spy Door Alarm 70378

Be the first to know when your secure area has been breached by an intruder! Protect your most important stuff with this hi-tech door alarm. When an intruder breaks in, an alarm will sound and the time of the break-in will be recorded - even if you're not there. A private card-key provides you with secure access.

Security Scanner 70321

Metal detector with LED alarm system - Lights up and beeps when metal is detected
Comes with cool security agent sunglasses

Spy Lazer Chase 70083
Put the power of lasers in your hand! Flex your fist at your opponent and an invisible laser-like beam moves towards their tagger. No need for targets or flags, all you need is your spy lazers and your fastest moves. Infra-red lazers do not transmit well in direct sunlight. For optimal signal transmission, use inside or at night.

Spy Motion Alarm 70408
Overview The micro Spy Motion Alarm is a micro light sensor. When an "intruder" breaks the light beam, the alarm sounds. Set it up it across a door or in a hallway. The invisible beam detects movement up to five feet. Recommended Ages Ages 6+ Battery Requirements Requires 2 AAA batteries, sold separately. Consumer Notices Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963.

Ultimate Night Vision 70397
Ultimate sleath. Utlimate survellance. Ultimate Night Vision! Track suspects with these real working night vision binocluars. Real Infrared Technology lets you see up to fifty feet in pitch black darkness!

Ultimate Spy Watch 70401
The Ultimate Spy Watch keeps crucial gadgets close at hand. With eight functions in one watch, you can do much more than tell time.

Voice Scrambler 70055
Fitting neatly in the palm of your hand, the Voice Scrambler sports options for recording, playback, and a special "voice twister" meant to distort the sound.


Night Vision Goggles 70400

Night Goggles illuminate and magnify the path ahead. The lightweight blue lenses have bright blue LEDs that help you see up to 25 feet in the dark, while the retractable scope magnifies your view through a yellow crosshair lens.

Night Vision Scope 70399

By day, spy faraway objects through the Spy Night Scope's red-tinted lenses. At night, flip on the base beam or launch the stealth spring-mounted spotlight for increased visibility. The white LED shines up to 25 feet in the dark.


Micro Ear Gear 70128

This special set includes the following micro spy toys:
Micro Agent Listener Listening Device with Extendable Microphone


Micro Agent Listener 70125

Position the Micro Agent Listener® and listen in on the action – even around corners! Small enough to fit in your pocket or conceal in the palm of your hand. Gather the intelligence you need and be on your way without anybody being the wiser!


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