U-2-It SpyTeK Aerial Photo Spy Plane
Remote-Control Spy Pane Can Take Up To 26 Ariel Photos
Simple To Fly By Controlling The Speed Of Two Electric-Ducted Fan Jet Engines
Aerial Spy Camera Simply Detaches From Plane For Easy Downloads To Your Laptop Or PC

If Francis Gray Powers would have had one of these, he might have saved himself a great deal of trouble with the Russians but the U-2 Spy Plane incident was in the 1960's and this technology had not been invented yet! Most radio-controlled planes just fly around, but this one functions as a real spy plane! The U2 It Remote-Control Digital Camera Spy Plane has a camera pod on top of it that can snap up to 26 digital pictures upon command. The 360-degree camera mount will let you capture color images from any angle, so you can take shots from the side, behind or in front of the plane as you fly it using the included controller. Rechargeable batteries and a charger are included to power the plane. The Remote-Control Digital Camera Plane's controller is powered by six AAA batteries.

U2 It Remote-Control Digital Camera Spy Plane has a giant, 55-inch wingspan, and using its twin ducted fan jet engines, it can reach heights of 1000 feet. For smooth takeoffs, can use the E-Z Launch Takeoff system. Once you've landed the plane, detach the aerial camera pod for easy downloads of your photos to your laptop or PC using the included USB cable and software.

Specifications And Features:
• Giant-size with a wingspan of 55 inches and 34 inches long
• Two thrust vectoring twin electric ducted fan jet engines provide great control
• Includes five-function, two-stick transmitter Remote Control.
• Takes up to 26 digital photos with a simple push of a button on the control panel.
• Camera pod snaps off to download images to your computer
• EZ Launch catapult system ensures smooth, easy takeoffs
• Two rechargeable flight batteries for non-stop flying (charge one while you use the other)

U2-It SpyTek Photo Plane Includes:
• Amazing Wingspan of 55 inches and 34 inches long
• Engines On Both Wings
• Light-weight Fuselage
• Special Camera pod
• Horizontal stabilizer
• Antenna
• Antenna ribbon
• Controller
• Easy Pod Camera
• AC adapter
• Charger
• 12-volt charger
• 2 rechargeable flight pack batteries
• USB cable
• Software/ CD
• Launch cord
• Ground stake
• Instructions

Size in inches:
• Length 32.0 - Width 55.0  Height: 8.0

U-2-It SpyTeK Photo Plane $279.95



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