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UltraTek Telephone Line Analyzer
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The UltraTek Telephone Line Analyzer combines the features of a transmission line tester, a 17 frequency multi-tone generator, and a multi range volt-ohmmeter in one rugged portable unit. The unit combines virtually every test necessary for complete telephone line diagnostics. Because the meter face is color coded it is easy to determine if the results of any particular tests being made, are within specification. The color codes are green, yellow and red, making it easy for even an inexperienced technician to determine if there is a problem on the telephone line or if there is any reason to suspect the line has been comprised by a surveillance device or line tap. (Subscriber loop simply means the telephone wires going into the premises) The model 4 is also used to test virtually any pair of suspect wires.

In TSCM, electronic countermeasures work, UltraTek Telephone Line Analyzer is without question, the most popular units, and are an essential test instrument for determining if a telephone line has been compromised by a tap or surveillance device.

Many of the model 4 test functions are also used for testing any pair of suspect wires for the presence of surveillance devices. It’s not just for telephone lines! A book could be written about all the tests and functions this unit will perform. It’s truly one of the best telephone test and TSCM instruments every produced!


17 Frequency Multi-Tone Generator with Level Adjustment. This allows you to generate a tone on the line at selectable volume which will activate any voice activated surveillance devices connected to the line. These tones also allow you to identify any pair or trace any line with only an inductive pickup, without having to have a separate tone generator.

Multi-Range Volt Meter. Complete multi-meter volt functions measuring AC and DC voltage on the lines. This eliminates the need for an additional multi-meter..

Multi-Range Current Meter. Complete multi-range current meter for measuring current on the lines. This eliminates the need for an additional multi-meter.

Ohm Meter. Complete multi-range Ohm meter for measuring resistance on the line.
This eliminates the need for an additional Ohm meter.

Polarity Reversing Switch. Allow you to reverse the polarity of the leads without having to disconnect them.

Telephone Butt Set Connection Terminals. Allows you to connect your telephone test butt set directly to the model 4 talk set terminals.

Battery Disconnect Switch. When you close the cover, it automatically turns the unit off to save battery life.

Sensitivity Switch. Provides a -10 or +10 dB increase or decrease in the sensitivity of the measurement circuits.

Send/Receive Switch. Provides input for tests and to use tone generator to obtain quiet termination.

Measures Circuit Loss. Measures the amount of loss on the circuit in dB.

Measures Circuit Noise. Measures the amount of noise on the circuit in dB.

Measures Power Influence. Measures noise to ground on the circuit in dB.

Battery Check. Allows testing the battery condition.

Ohms Adjustment. Allows for zeroing the needle to provide an accurate resistance reading.

Line Balance Testing. Checking the line for balance, cross talk etc.

Complete Manual. Comes with a Copy of the 32 page instruction/ operations manual, including schematics and parts identification.

Test Lead Sets. Comes with 4 sets of test leads. A 310 plug to modular jack, a modular plug to 3 bed of nails alligator clips marked rip, ring and ground, a set of test leads with bed of nails alligator clips and a 3 piece jumper lead set with alligator clips.

Spare Fuse. Comes with an extra factory fuse.

Hand and Shoulder Strap Comes with the factory hand strap and nylon shoulder carrying strap
Batteries not included

If you want the very best in TSCM and countermeasures telephone line sweeping and testing gear, this is it.

New Generation!
UltraTek Telephone Line Analyzer


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