New Generation Voice Keeper High Grade Telephone Scrambler Set
With Built-In Digital Audio Recorder

Up until now, high grade telephone voice scrambling was expensive and bulky but the new portable Voice Keeper is a new revolution in telephone security that is simple and easy to use!This new generation system is a major technological breakthrough in size and price.

Voice Keeper is a high grade high security set of portable telephone scramblers that will work on both digital and analog telephone systems that will scramble your telephone conversation between two parties keeping your conversation totally private and secure. The system will only work between two units and is computer chip driven. Both units also have built in digital audio recorders. Simple and easy to use, you simply plug in Voice Keeper into the handset of your telephone, hit a button and you are totally secure.

Audio Samples

Scrambled Voice Unscrambled Voice


• Scramble Method: Analog Scrambler
• Stnamic Scrambling: 1-10 Seconds
• Security Key Exchange: Automatically Updated By Random Number For Every Phone Call
• Can Only Work On Two Units
• Types Of Phones: Cell Phones, iPhones,
Analog Phones, Digital Phones, Internet Phones, VolP and PSTN


How Voice Keeper Works
Using an innovatively developed computer chip, Voice Keeper simply plugs into the handset of your telephone or the top of you cell phone VolIP, PSTN, and/or Internet phone. It is designed to work on both analog and digital phone systems. If will also work on multi line phone systems since the contact point is in the handset plugs. (Note: some cell phones my require insertion pin modifications). Two units are required (one on each end of the telephone conversation).

Once your units are in place on two phones, you make a phone call in the normal manner. By hitting a button your voice is scrambled. On the other phone, the other party simply hits a button and the matched pair obtains the security key and de-scrambles the audio. It's as simple as 1,2,3. The system will only work between the two scrambler units.

Each scrambler unit also comes with a high grade digital audio recorder built right into each unit that takes SD cards which will let the two parties and only the two parties record the conversation which can record up to 10 hours of audio.

Our Spy Exchange Manager And Super Spy Star Kelly Martin Testing The Totally Secure VoiceKeeper In Las Vegas

Voice Keeper High Grade Telephone Scrambler Set
With Built-In Digital Audio Recorder Set Of Two: $1195.00

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