It's Finally Out!
A Huge Goldmine Of
Hardcore Investigative


 by Lee Lapin



It’s finally here! Some in the news media call Lee Lapin books, "the most dangerous books every published." He's at it again and presents the latest and greatest intelligence and surveillance techniques, equipment and tricks of the trade, taken directly from the files of the world’s top agents, engineers, investigators, trackers, tricksters, cons, cops and cool people. In 86 incredible chapters, Lapin shows how to track anyone in the 21st century; access the best, the most unusual and the most specialized investigative databases in the world; locate anyone’s assets; get anyone to call you and reveal their location; record computer keystrokes from a distance; hide a message so nobody can find it; break any computer password; put anyone under surveillance via their computer; find modern bugs and taps; hear or see through walls; tap phones without equipment; track anyone via their cell phone; make phone calls in complete privacy; set up the best video surveillance system; shoot video in little or no light; wire a body for surreptitious recording; use a laser to eavesdrop on anyone . . . plus hundreds of other secrets of today’s espionage, intelligence and investigative professionals.

Massive Subject Matter Includes
•Track anyone in the 21st century
• Conduct a hard and fast, low cost, single search
• Choose and use the best investigative databases in the world
• (How) Financial data is uncovered by unscrupulous folks
• Locate and access little known, unusual and specialized databases
• Locate anyone’s assets
• Get anyone to call you and tell you where they are
• Research court records
• Be where you aren’t
• Put anyone under surveillance via their computer
• Put anyone’s computer under surveillance
• Record computer keystrokes from a distance
• Read any computer screen from a distance
• Break anyone’s password
• Hide a message so no one can find it
• Set up electronic surveillance on anyone
• Find the best bugs and taps in the world
• (How the) CIA covertly enters anywhere anytime
• Plan for any covert entry
• Hear thru walls
• Find anyone’s phone number-published or non-published
• Immediately locate and tap anyone’s telephone-course 101
• Tap phones without the use of any equipment
• Track anyone via their cell phone
• Make phone calls in complete privacy
• Tap every telephone, pager, computer, and fax in the world -federal level
• Tap any phone in the world-state and local level
• Tap any telephone-private level (then and now)
• Tap any phone without a warrant
• Collect a surveillance fee from a narc
• (How) O.J. Simpson was tracked by law enforcement
• Track and listen to anyone, anywhere with one simple device
• Intercept any pager
• Cancel or control every cell phone in your area of Influence
• Collect audio from a distance
• Find and set up the best video surveillance system for any situation
• Film your neighbors having sex in their illegal marijuana patch
• Watch your upstairs neighbors having sex in their apartment
• See thru walls
• Catch any deer (dear) in the act
• See in the dark
• Find (or construct) the world’s most powerful bug
• Increase the range of any bug or tap
• Wire any body
• Use a laser to eavesdrop on anyone
• Use, misuse and lie to caller ID, ANI and CLASS
• See what the police are really saying about you
• Use, misuse and intercept any cell phone and on and on…

However, it is important to note that some of these methods and techniques can be conducted by law enforcement only and some are illegal in some countries.

About The Author: Lee Lapin consults for a number of unusual employers. He has authored 23 books, including seven on the fine art of intelligence gathering. His works are utilized by thousands of private investigators, state and federal law enforcement personnel, and many of the world’s top intelligence agencies.Lapin makes his home on a small island off the coast of Marin County, California, where, for relaxation, he raises wolves.


8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, illus., 580 pages. $99.95 

Once is important to note that some of these methods and techniques
can be conducted by law enforcement only and some are illegal in some countries.


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