Insight & Perspective, Rules & Procedures,
Tricks Of The Trade

By: David Mollison

If you have ever considered or are already practicing bail bond recovery, you'll gain years of knowledge from one of the most accomplished and well known specialists in the United States today. Mr. Mollison takes you by the hand and leads you through the steps needed to successfully execute bail recovery procedure. The author's background includes perspectives from all sides of the fence as Mr. Mollison has been both a bail bondsman as well as an independent recovery agent as well as a licensed private investigator and an expert on firearms and self-defense. No other book gives you the perspective and insight as this one does.

Topic include:

How To Get Started
Understanding Bail Bond,
Understanding Bail Bond Contracts & Bail Recovery Fees
How To Handle Payment And Make Sure You Get Paid
Bail Recovery Equipment Goldmine
Understanding The Recovery Agent's Power Of Arrest-How To Do It Right
Safely And How To Stay Out Of Trouble
Understanding The Use Of Force As It Relates To Bail Bond Recovery
Working With Law Enforcement
Bail Bondsman And Other Bounty Hunters
Finding Your Skip-Tricks Of The Trade
Transporting Prisoners
Use Of Badges And Other Items
Use Of Dogs In The Recovery Procedure
Procedures For Searching A Defendant
Understanding The Paperwork
Glossary Of Bail Bond Recovery Terms
Laws Relating To Bail Bond Recovery

The books is full of sources and forms you can use in your own bail bond recovery business. 124 pages, photos. $24.95

Insight & Perspective, Rules & Procedures, Tricks Of The trade
By: David Mollison


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