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The Investigator's Case File Ultimate Management System
"The Case File" is a comprehensive take-it-with-you case management system written by investigators for investigators. It's designed to go everywhere you go and cover every aspect of a case from client / job intake, through a complete investigation, to final adjudication.

Used by private investigators, attorneys, paralegals, law enforcement detectives, and investigative journalists for years, The Case File has become an industry standard for both in-the-field and in-the-office investigative case management.

Is it what you need?
• Do you want your agency to be more profitable?
• Do you want a more professional image in the field?
• Do you want to make your investigations easier to work?
• Do you ever forget to ask important questions?
• Do you wish it was easier to assign bigger cases to newer investigators?
• Would you like to be more efficient and effective?
• Do you waste too much time deciphering your own notes?
• Have you ever forgotten important details?
• Have you missed billable hours that should've been on your invoice?
• Do you ever sub out cases or investigative work?
• Do you want more word-of-mouth referrals?
• Are you an instructor who wants better material for your students?
• Do you want to do all this without spending a fortune?

The Case File is the solution. The Case File will help:
• Make your agency more profitable by tracking billable hours and expenses.
• Enhance your professional image with our high-quality forms.
• Make your agents (or students) more effective and successful.
• Remind you of important detail through our information-packed checklists.
• Keep your agents more organized and productive in the field.
• Save you time and money with our organizational tools.
• Accomplish all this for less than your rate for one hour’s work.
• (The Case File will pretty much pay for itself the first time you use it!)

Bonuses On The CD
• A CD containing our case management system with over 110 interrelated forms.
• The bonus items on your CD:
• A bonus collection of over 50 free investigative & business training manuals!
• An interactive & searchable links collection of over 3,700 investigative links.
• An invoice file written in Microsoft Excel (can be imported into QuickBooks).

Some of the Many Ways You'll Benefit from "The Case File:"

Works With All Types of Investigation
Whether your case involves domestic surveillance, product or process failure, workman's comp, insurance fraud, embezzlement, white-collar crime, child safety, workplace violence, stalking, theft, arson, criminal defense, missing persons, legal investigation, asset verification, activity checks, pre-employment screening, or a host of others, The Case File not only works for you, it helps you excel. In fact, we've packed over 20 years of investigative experiences into one small package.

The Case File is Complete; There's Nothing Else to Buy
You’ll receive everything on CD in unlocked wordprocessor files so you can customize The Case File and its contents to suit your needs, fit in with any system you may currently use, and create your own "upgrades" and "refills."

Use it Softcopy or Hardcopy
Since The Case File uses open wordprocessor files (see "Package Details"), you can use the system entirely on-screen in softcopy format, print your filled forms and sections, or you can create hardcopy files to fill in by hand in the field.

No Software Conflicts
Since these are wordprocessor files and PDFs that use your existing wordprocessor or Adobe Acrobat there are NO software conflicts, NO crashes, NO learning new programs, NO training your staff, NO upgrades, NO "tech support", and most importantly, NO limitations!

Can be Customized to Work for You
You can make changes, alter forms, add letterhead, print out extra or fewer copies of select forms, or take parts of our system and integrate with yours. This is all part of our engineered flexibility so you can make The Case File work for YOU.

Organization Equals Efficiency
The Case File allows you to standardize data collection and note taking and at the same time track billable hours, expenses, activities and results, and other "business" aspects of case management. This standardization helps with case assignment and review, and also makes case reassignment or sharing a breeze, and allows you to give more and more complex cases to newer investigators.

Works Alone or With Other Systems

The Case File is strong enough to be your sole case management product. However, if you wish to add a different software package to your office, or you already have one, The Case File is flexible enough to be integrated into any current or future system you use, since we're the ONLY system on the market that organizes your activity, tracks your costs and billable hours as they occur, and then focuses on organizing your raw data as it's gathered. This organization of all aspects of your business makes data entry into other systems a breeze. Without us, you're sure to experience "garbage in, garbage out" with these other systems.

Pays for Itself Almost Immediately

The Case File is SO economical that the first time you use it and you save ONE HOUR of labor, or track just ONE billable hour you might have missed, you've just paid for the entire system. And since this system will last the lifetime of your office, how can you afford to be without it? More importantly, what if your competition has this highly detailed, well-organized syste


The Investigator's Case File Ultimate Management System $59.95



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