An Interactive CD-Rom
Product That Gives You
The Instant Access
You Need
By Ralph Thomas

Secrets & Sources Information Brokers Don't Want You To Know!

An Interactive CD-Rom Product That Gives You The Instant Access
Developed By Ralph Thomas

Criminal records access is the cornerstone to just about any background investigation. It's the most important public record to know how to access. Access to statewide criminal records is cumbersome in many states because some require a signed consent from the subject or take too long to report to you the information you need now. By using alternative corrections sources of information, you can usually obtain the same information from current and past inmate records and have your investigation back in the hands of your clients quicker and cheaper. What is amazing is that you can use state corrections records for a criminal records check and usually obtain it on the telephone in all most all states without a release or other red tape.Curent and past inmate records give you instant access to the same information you'd obtain from statewide criminal records repository information or local county courthouse records. This interactive CD-Rom gives you instant access to the sources of information including:

Statewide Criminal Records Repository Access
Current And Past Incarceration Records Access
Sex Offender Registry Access
Local County Courts Access

You will find address information, as well as phone, fax, and web page addresses for the sources of information you need now. A majority of states let you access statewide criminal records repository information. This CD-Rom gives you instant access to these sources. Almost all states give out telephone information on current and past inmates and information about their conviction for free. The CD gives you the name of the state corrections agency to contact with full address, telephone number and web site where an online database is provided. The majority of states permit access to a statewide sex offender registry which is almost always free and many states have web sites where you can access the information. The source for this information is provided on the CD. Some counties have web sites that let you access local county court criminal records. This CD gives you those web addresses. In the case of where there is no online access, you are given statewide sources for contacting just about any local country court clerk's office to obtain the criminal record.

All-in-all Accessing Criminal Records is an extremely valuable CD-Rom that will pay for itself the first time or two you use it! It's a goldmine of information on how to access criminal records that your information broker doesn't want you to know.

An Interactive CD-Rom Product That Gives You Access
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