Disk Detective

Secrets You Must Know To
Recover Information From
a Computer

By Norbert Zaenglein



Disk Detective
Secrets You Must Know To Recover Information From a Computer
By Norbert Zaenglein

A few years ago, a small number of private investigators started to specialize in digital data file recovery to determine illegal and unethical conduct conducted with one's personal or business computer. These investigators have emerged today offering one of the most in-demand investigative services of the last hundred years! In fact, developing the trail from hidden computer files and deleted files has become a must have skill for the modern day private investigator. That's because discovery and recovery of computer files has become the one investigative skill that threads itself through just about every type of investigation. Consider these facts:

These Days, The Overwhelming Majority Of Infidelity Cases That Turn Into
Divorce Cases Start With Online Activity.

In Both Criminal And Civil Cases, There Is Usually Evidence That Can Be
Discovered And Recovered That Could be "Make-Or Break" Evidence For The Case.

90 Percent Of All Information Is Now Stored In Digital Computer Files.


The world as we know it is gravitating to a totally digitized computer world and the overwhelming majority of evidence can now be found in a digital form. This material shows the modern day private investigator how to:

Develop And Recover Information From Reformatted Disks
And Hard Drives.
Develop And Recover Information From Overwritten Files.
Recover And Discover Deleted Files On A Computer.
Find Passwords From PC Desktops.
Retrace And Track Visited Web Sites And Internet Files.
Run Keyword Searches To Develop Information On Any PC.
Find Email Messages On Any Computer
Recover List files
Performing other nonforensic investigative techniques


This reference work is a MUST HAVE goldmine of developing the skills and knowledge to become a modern day disk detective and add this lucrative service to your agency. The usefulness of this book goes beyond getting the goods on criminals or tracking down hidden files. If you own or use a PC, you need this book to learn how to recover lost files-or get rid of them permanently. Moreover, there is simply a HUGE demand for investigative services who specialize in disk data recovery simply because that's where all the information is these days! 5 1/2 X 8 1/2, softcover, illus, 112 pages. $20.00


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