How To Find Anyone Anywhere

A Professional Manual For Skip Tracers
And Missing Persons Investigators Of All Types

"The World's Best Book On How
To Locate Missing Persons"

By Ralph Thomas

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One of the major mainstays of private investigative practice is skip tracing and locating missing persons. This major work has been updated over twenty times and has been in print for decades. That's because it's the very best manual on locating missing persons and skip tracing.

How To Find Anyone Anywhere by Ralph Thomas gives everyone (including new private investigators and "old hands") some of the best insight and information on how to locate someone who doesn't necessarily want to be found. This book is not just for private investigators, but for anyone who wants to find a lost friend, a missing loved one, someone who owes them money and is hiding from the creditors, anybody!

How To Find Anyone Anywhere features information drawn from the author's 20+ years of successfully locating missing persons. You'll be privy to the combined wisdom of thousands of private investigators with their best techniques and short cuts for locating a missing person. This excellent book is a resource directory to the best missing persons resources, searches and links on the Internet. You'll also get hard to find information on different areas of specializations you can go into and markets you can tap to obtain assignments.

Little known professional techniques you can use that usually take years to develop
Thousands of sources of information you can tap into right now live while you are on the net.
Proper approaches to use to find them quicker, easier and with less expense.
Great tricks of the trade from top investigators from around the world.
Free computer searches you can tap into to find them fast are included right no the disk.
Other fee based computer searches you can use and how to gain access to them.
How to find and use people sources in your trace.
Types of missing persons cases you can specialize in and how to do it.
Valuable information on how to be successful in the tracing business
New types of tracing including how to find people on the internet.
Tons of internet sites and resource aids interactively built right into the disk.
Places on the net to go to get updates to the information in this book.

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How To Find Anyone Anywhere has been completely updated and expanded with hundreds of new sources and techniques for this new edition. It's a virtual encyclopedia on locating missing persons, jam packed with hundreds of little known sources and techniques usually known only by the pros with years of experience. If you do any type of skip tracing or people locating, you will find this manual and training highly valuable. (Newly updated and expanded edition, 8.5 x 11, perfect Bound, 134 pages $45.00)

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