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By Andrea S. Campbell, DABFE, FACFE

Although investigative forensics has developed into a highly specialized scientific field, it's of vital importance to the professional investigator so he or she can understand the various types of evidence that can be developed from these latest high-tech cutting-edge methods. This new work hands you a virtual goldmine of the very latest methods and techniques in investigative forensics so you'll develop a comprehensive knowledge-base of exactly what can and can not be done with these new investigative sciences. This college-level work is written so the lay person can understand the new forensics techniques used to develop vital evidence and develop both the know-how and resources to understand when to utilize various the various methods of new forensic sciences. Some of the material covered in this highly acclaimed textbook include:


 Autopsy Procedures  Photo Enhancement
 Fingerprinting  Drug Testing
 Ballistics  Handwriting Identification
 DNA Evidence  Forensic Dentistry
 Toxicology  Forensic Geology
 Behavioral Profiling  Forensic Entomology


This excellent material gives you a basic knowledge of practical forensic applications for conducting and managing forensic investigations. You'll develop your knowledge base on a range of forensic subjects such as:

How To Use Behavioral Profiling In Your Investigations
Understand Photo Enhancement Techniques
Develop A Knowledge Base Of Autopsy Procedures
Gain The Latest Technology And Techniques in Fingerprinting
Understand DNA Technology
Develop Knowledge In Ballistic Forensics
Understand The Elements Of Handwriting Identification
Consume An Overview Of Various Medical Forensics Applications
Discover The Resources To Use In Forensic Science
And Much More!

Wide-ranging and rigorous, this is must have material for any professional investigator. It will vastly enhance your awareness of evidence developing using the latest high-tech forensic sciences. Your investigations will be greatly enhanced as you look at evidence in a whole new light knowing you can have access to the very latest cutting-edge forensic techniques. $29.95


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