Investigator's Handbook

Working in the Global Information Environment

The Investigative Edge For The New Millennium!


By Gerald L. Kovacich & William C. Boni

High-Technology-Crime Investigator's Handbook

Working in the Global Information Environment


William C. Boni MBA
leads PriceWaterhouseCoopers Information Protection Practice. Bill has worked as the Director of Information Proctection Practices for Amgen; as a U.S. Army counterintelligence officer; federal agent and investigator; and a security consultant .
Gerald Kovacich CFE, CPP, CISSP
President, Information Security Management Associates

Emphasizes organizational and management issues when dealing with technology investigations - it uses technology, management concepts and marketing issues to bridge the investigative process Provides high tech tools Provides advanced methods and applications

High Technology Crime Investigator's Handbook is coming at a time when high technology crime is growing at a rapid pace, and private and public law enforcement are struggling to keep up. It will inform readers about the potential of high tech crimes, in addition to the resources that are available to combat them. It fully covers the management of a high tech investigation unit. Criminals today are often better equipped than the agencies responsible for stopping them. Federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and civilian investigative organizations lag far behind in their procurement and use of high technology equipment, and methods of conducting technology-related investigations.
High Tech Crime Investigator's Handbook will bring to light many high tech tools, advanced methods and streamlined applications that can be used to meet the investigative management challenges now and in the next century. The whole area of technological crime has become increasingly complex in today's business environment and this book responds to that reality.

Contents: SECTION I - Introduction to the High Technology Crime Environment The Changing World: An Introduction to High Technology; The Global Information Infrastructure, The Internet, and A Nation's Information Infrastructure; The High Technology Miscreants, Profiles, Motives and Philosophies; The Basic Techniques Used by High Technology Miscreants; The Basic Information Systems Security Techniques Being Used to Defend Against the High Technology Miscreants SECTION II - Overview of the High Technology Crime Investigations Profession and Unit Developing a Career as a High Technology Crime Investigator; Marketing Yourself as a Successful Investigator; The Global Enterprise Corporation (GEC); Understanding the Role of the High Technology Crime Investigator and an Anti-Crime Unit in the Business and Management Environment; The High Technology Crime Investigations Unit Strategic, Tactical, and Annual Plans; High Technology Anti-Crime Investigative Program and Organization; High Technology Crime Investigative Functions; Sources, Networking and Liaison; High Technology Crime Investigation Unit Metrics Management System; Final Thoughts, Issues and Problems SECTION III - High Technology Crimes and Investigations High Technology Crimes: Case Summaries; Investigating High Technology Crimes SECTION IV - High Technology Crime Investigation Challenges of the 21st Century; The Future of Technology and Its Impact on Working in a Global Information Environment Appendices Index

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