From Victim to Victor: A Step By Step Guide for Ending the Nightmare of Identity Theft
2nd Edition by Mari Frank, Esq.  176 pages plus CD $39.95

            This book and CD bring hope, positive solutions, and real results to the victims of identity theft who have had nowhere to turn for help until now.  Mari's self-help recovery tools for victims of identity theft include the newest laws, critical consumer advice, legal suggestions, and the steps to successfully defeat this crime. She’s added a CD attached to the book, with attorney composed letters, forms, understandable steps and helpful resources. The book and CD are fact filled with crucial information showing you the actions and precautions you need to take to minimize your risk of identity theft.  And, if you become a victim, this book effectively coaches you through each and every action you must take, who you must contact, what you need to say, how to complete the pre-formatted letters and essential forms, and how to deal with all the many unique challenges you may face to regain your most valuable asset-your identity. It is a lifesaver.



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