"Just imagine a type of investigative case
specialization that has more cases than you could
ever handle and offers you an almost unbelievable hourly rate of return!"

Judgment Recovery
Second Updated And Expanded Edition

By Jon S. Kahlkopf, Director

National Association Of Judgment Recovery Specialists

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Because of their skills, most private investigators are in a postion to cash in on a little known fortune but most don't even know it. Just imagine a type of investigative case specialization that has more cases than you could ever handle and offers you an almost unbelievable hourly rate of return! That's the type of unbelievable high profit situation you will find yourself in when you delve into a little unknown field known as judgment recovery. The reason for that is quite apparent when you understand a couple of basic facts of judgment law. When a judgment is awarded in the form of money, the case is over for the court of law. The problem is, the plaintiff now has to collect from the defendant. In America today there are literally thousands and thousands of unclaimed judgments setting in courthouse files involving hundreds of thousands of uncollected dollars. That's where investigative skills come in. In almost every area of the country, these judgments can be thought of as "assets" that the plaintiff owns which can be sold or assigned. People who have never understood how to collect a judgment are usually more than willing to sell or assign a third party the judgment for pennies on the dollar. A good investigator can easily research courthouse records and find hundreds of these types of judgments. The investigator then simply conducts an assets check of the defendant and then offers to purchase the judgment from the plaintiff. Because you have the investigative skills to do so, this area of work can become your hidden goldmine. Think about it! You assign yourself to the case and there are almost an unlimited number of cases you pick and choose from to assign yourself to! Just think about this one example:

 Example Of High Rate Of Return!
You find a one year old case in which a claims court awarded a judgment of $12,000 that was not satisfied in the courthouse. You conduct a simple assets check and find over $20,000 in hidden assets. You see a sure thing. You contact the plaintiff in the case and offer to purchase the judgment for $1,000 and he quickly agrees to get the issue behind him. You then collect based on the assets you found. The fee you make for working the case is $11,000 and the time you spent on the case is less than five hours.

This is just one simple example of what judgment recovery is all about. Thousands of cases are waiting for you to discover right now. All you need is the expert instructions and forms found in this unique manual. Here is an outline of it's contents:

Introduction And Overview
Researching Case Files At The Courthouse
Summary Claims Court Vs. Circuit Court
Your Research For Locating People
Your Research For Locating Assets
Examining Case Files
Your Marketing Letters And Forms
Client Interaction
Client Negotiations
Contacts, Agreements And Assignments (Filings)
Post-Judgment Interest
Materials To Send
Contracts, Agreements And Assignments (Forms)
Business Aspects Of Judgment Recovery
Locating Assets And People
Understanding Collection Procedures
Understanding Exemptions (What you can attach and not attach)
Understanding Negotiations with the debtor
Recovery collection worksheets
Recovery collection forms
Collection technicalities

It's a fact that some investigative professionals who try a few cases in judgment recovery quickly change the focus of their investigative practice to these types of cases simply because this area of professional specialization can be so financially rewarding on a case-by-case analysis and become of the almost unlimited number of cases you can find. The content of this material was written by Jon Kahlkof , one of the nation's leading experts on judgment recovery practice who is directory of The national Association Of Judgment Recovery Specialists. Within it's pages you will find a hidden goldmine of step-by-step know-how and forms you can use to start down a road to pure investigative profit! We guarantee that this material will pay for itself the very first time you use in many times over.


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