By Bill Kizorek

Revealing advanced topics of how surveillance is used as a discovery tool with insurance claimants, this manual should be part of every investigative library. You will find actual case histories from one of the best known insurance surveillance professionals in the business. Discover for yourself how insurance companies are turning to physical surveillance and video surveillance experts to determine the activity of the claimant. Specific court decisions involving the use of video and film evidence are covered along with specific issues involved with invasion of privacy, Step-by-step techniques are outlined for controlling cost, maintaining quality of the investigation and staying out of trouble. 140 pages. $35.00
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By Bill Zizorek

After 25 years of experience in insurance claims investigation, Bill Zirorek, founder and owner of InPhoto Surveillance has become one of the largest and most successful insurance claims investigation agencies in the world. Now you can tape into his vast knowledge and insight and learn about conduct insurance claims the correct and successful way. Topics covered include: How Clients Feel About Using Video Surveillance, Why Activities Checks are Used before Surveillance, History Of The Insurance Claims fraud Investigation Field, The Hows And Whys Of Insurance Investigation, Insight On How To Market Insurance Claims Services, How Video Evidence Is used As A settlement Tool, Legal Review Of 15 Landmark Legal Cases From Our Court System On Surveillance Which Should Hand You Insight On How To Stay Out Of Trouble On Surveillance Assignments. You'll gain a sharp insight into the insurance claims investigation business with this manual. 141 pages. NAIS certificate in Insurance Claims & Fraud Detection. $45.00
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How To Determine If The Psychological Claimant
Is Traumatized or Dramatized

By Bill Kizorek And Dr. Paul Lees-Haley

Until now, there has been almost no material on how to go about the investigation of a psychological insurance claim or litigation claim. This book combines the knowledge of a well known psychologist and a well known claims detective handing you valuable knowledge and insight into investigating psychological claims and uncovering insurance fraud by claimants and sometimes their lawyers. 104 pages, with NAIS certificate if NAIS member issued in Investigating Psychological Claims. $29.95
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