Just Updated And Expanded!
A Complete College Course In Investigations
By John Rose And Academy Of Legal Investigators

Here is a complete course on private investigation originally prepared for the Academy Of Legal Investigators. This 300 plus. 8 12 X 11 page manual is one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive text books ever written on the subject of private investigation and is one of the finest college level training manuals we have come across. It should be part of every investigative training program. Subject Outline:

Introduction To Investigations
Summary Of Legal System
Evidence-Sunrise Tables
Testifying In Court
Understanding "work product" And attorney Client Privilege
Understand Evidence Rules
Understanding Depositions
Statement Taking
Report Writing
Investigative Photography
Sources Of Information
Surveillance-Surveillance Security
Mobile Surveillance
Foot Surveillance
Two Car Surveillance
Trespass And Surveillance
Personal Injury Fraud
Claims Investigations
Medical releases
Medical Terms You Need To Know
Specialized Investigations
Service Of Process
Criminal Defense
Tool Marks
Finger Prints
Plaster Casts
Drug Analysis
Questioned Documents
Accident Investigations
Traffic Tickets
Missing Persons
Domestic Investigation
Sexual Child Abuse Investigations
Management And Intervention In Drug Abuse
Environmental Investigations
Avoiding Problems In Private Investigations
Criminal Trespass
The Sociopath
Criminal Power Groups
Mexican Mafia
Aryan Brotherhood
Black Guerilla Family
Motorcycle Gangs
Beginning A P.I. Business
Legal Entity
Opening The Office
Equipment For Investigators
Understanding Bookkeeping For The Investigative Agency
Making Client Contact
Business Letters For P.I.'s
Billing In An Agency
Examples of Billings
Words And Definitions For The Modern Investigator
General Investigative Terms
Medical Terms
Hazardous Materials- Glossary

This manual is brimming with checklists, examples, definition, illustrations, explanations, tables, and answers that every investigator needs to know. Don't be without it. Hardcover, leather bound, 8 1/2 X 11, 350 pages $95.00


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