Doing It My Way

By C.R. "Bob" Brown

Surveillance, Domestic Cases And Issues

One Of The Most Unique Manuals On Investigation Ever Published With Powerful Insight, Approaches And Technique

This hallmark work acquaints you with the finely tuned investigative techniques developed over thirty years of highly successful private investigative practice by the author, Bob Brown. Regardless of the types of cases you find yourself working on, the insights and wisdom found here will be of significant help to your success. Listen to these quotes from other successful people who have read and reviewed this work:

"Competency with sensitivity, a solid understanding of family dynamics...hopefully this will signal the beginning of the end of the Neanderthal investigator. Well written and easy reading."
Dominick J. Salfi, Attorney
Former Circuit Judge, Former State Attorney

"I would recommend to anyone in this field of investigations to read it, absorb it, and use it as a guide. The appendix alone gives the reader a wealth of knowledge.
Jerry Wood
Investigative Instructor, City College, Orlando, Fl.
Former Executive Protection Specialist To Henry Kissinger

"A tool that even the most seasoned investigator can learn from. The expertise of the author is obvious and his use of real cases help to illustrate the information being presented.
Kelly Riddle
Private Investigator, Author

"Bob's commentary on behavioral issues affecting the investigation is a first. That alone makes this a must-read for all investigators."
Ralph Thomas
Founder And Director, National Association Of Investigative Specialists

"Bob Brown shares much more than his extensive experience. He demonstrates a unique perspective combined with keen insight.
Brandon A. Perron
Private Investigator, Author

Some Of The Subjects covered in this unique investigative manual are:

Establishing Your Strong Foundation
Understanding The Client
Techniques Of Surveillance
Adapting The Case
Behaviors Impacting
Conducting The Investigation
Hiring Associates
Promoting Your Business
Privileged Relationships
Professional Relationships
Professional Conduct
Legal Aspects Of Private Investigation
Signs Of A Cheating Spouse
After The Investigation
Investigative Contracting
Computer Information Services
Successful Long-Running Yellow Page Ad Sample
Being A Credible Witness
Resources And Help For Clients

Mr. Brown is the most successful private investigator in Central Florida. His unique techniques and approaches to private investigative practice and his strong focus on ethics providing the kind of helping hand often times lacking in investigative and legal professions is what has made Mr. Brown the highly successful and best known agency he has become. The revelation of those unique approaches, techniques and ethics is the essisnce of what this work is about. If you are just another quick-buck artist in the private investigative business, this work will likely not do you much good. But if you are in it for a career you care about, want to build a rock-solid foundation and rock-solid reputation and actually care about the clients of the cases that you work; then this book will become of extreme value to you. 127 pages. $29.95


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