By Ralph D. Thomas

Does $1000.00 per week serving legal papers sound too good to be true? The National Association Of Investigative Specialists has one member who bills out about $1000.00 per day doing it. Serving legal papers for lawyers will pay you anywhere between $50.00 up to $200.00 per hour if you can build up your case load. This all new edition of HOW TO MAKE MONEY AS A PROCESS SERVER shows you how to do just that. You will discover for yourself in step-by-step detail how to make a killing serving legal papers in your area. You learn technical and legal aspects as well as how to find clients and build your business. You also get professional typeset process server's forms and a professional flyer you can use. For investigative agencies already in business, offering to serve legal papers for lawyers is also an excellent way to obtain full service investigative clients because once a law firm uses your services for service of process, they are also highly likely to use your investigative services also. High volume can be obtained fast in the service of process business. It is one of the easiest type of specialties which can build up your income fast. Once you obtain one client, you will find the firm will use you again and again. Some accounts are worth from between $5,000 to $10,000 per year. Just think what one hundred clients like these could do for your checkbook! Learn the nuts and bolts of this business. You can learn the technical and legal aspects of serving papers in your area with a few hours of study. Moreover, most who go into this specialty can obtain assignments their very first week! You could be on your way to a very profitable and lucrative private process service business in three or four weeks from right now by ordering today! With certificate of completion issued in Service Of Process. $24.95



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